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Top doctors around the world agree on certain facets of alternative medicines and alternative remedies.

One facet of alternative medicines and the simplest alternative remedies is that they are in fact safer, and healthier for the body.
This is not to be disputed. On this basis alone, the Masters Millionaires Tao, and Dr. Cohen, urge you to learn more.
Consult with experts, get second and third opinions, beginning with a grounding in alternative remedies.
Medicines that are considered "alternative" versus those that are chemically-based, or allopathic?
No comparison. In every test you ever look at, the alternative medicines proved to be safer.
That should be the first consideration for anyone comparing allopathic and naturopathic.
Alternative medicines are safer and healthier, granting them priority in "first-used."
If your doctor or other health consultant advises you to use the chemicals?
That's when you seek your second and third and fourth opinions.
Meanwhile, continue with alternative medicines and remedies.
We know that they cannot hurt in the process of looking.
Look to find your answers wherever it may lead you.
You are smart to start with alternative medicines.
The Masters Longevity Book is based on the lives and actions of long-lived people, living stronger for longer.
The more you engage your own Masters Longevity Book, the more the Masters Longevity Book engages your best health.