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Look back over any period of time you like. One year, two years, five years, even ten years.
Note three of the things that have given you the best feelings you've ever experienced.
A hug from an athlete, a child or sibling? Applause for something you accomplished?
Bonus check or tip for a job well done? An "attaboy" for something you did well?
The feelings you've felt after a tremendously challenging result you achieved,
or something that you tasted or touched or flew, dived with, or looked at?
Every well-fed person gets to enjoy moments of big satisfaction in life.
Since you have likely been fairly well-fed, you have had such times.
Among those greatest moments, you're asked to think of three.
Our objective is to have you fully focused on each of these,
so that you can duplicate them as often as you wish to.
Are your greatest feelings worth 1% of your time?
PowerGems need only as little as one percent.
PowerGems quickly electrify your results,
dramatically energizing your very life.
Let's go for yours, starting today.
It's quite a ride, an experience,
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The journey of a lifetime,
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Shortcuts of masters.
The best shortcuts.
Your PowerGems.
Let's do it now.
This is the day.
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Our big day.

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Trangular Thinking? -- Speaking In Triangles?
Triangular thinking, which we've also seen described as "Shapetalk,"
is a way of artistically expressing internal feeling while saying something worthwhile.

As with so many facets or features of the Masters and Millionaires Tao, there is always more.
There is, inevitably and consistently, more than one lesson to be gleaned.
This applies to all manner of wisdom in whatever shape or form it comes.
Triangular thinking and Shapetalk are no exceptions. Learn to look more.
We do NOT, as you might possibly know, always get what we want.
We DO, however, have a long history of finding what we seek.
Isn't that truth alone enough reason to "up" your search?
Raising your sights quickly raises your expectations.
Raise your expectations and you raise your results.
Triangular thinking is just one such expectation.

Learn more and you're more likely to live more,
living your life stronger for longer, naturally, succesfully,
and more so with PowerGems from the Masters and Millionaires Tao,
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Another triangular thought from the Master of triangular thinking,
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