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For those who have serious medical issues, never make major medical changes or decisions without consulting with seriously knowledgeable people. ALWAYS get your active information from experts.

This may include information from TENS OF THOUSANDS of great internet resources!

The past is dead. You have far more options today, far more access to better, healthier information,
and when it comes at no charge, the underlying credibility is higher than for those getting rich from misery.

Healing naturally, and more, healing yourself naturally with alternative medicines and natural remedies is nothing new.
With the advent of technology, naturopathic and otherwise, natural remedies become even more reliably produced and distributed.

Considering that men and women have effected natural cures for thousands of years without all that technology, a second look at natural medicines is justified.

When we see specific tribes and groups of people far-flung around the planet using the same natural remedies, which are nothing more or less than naturally-occurring medicines in nature, we are well-served by counting how many of such commonalities are shared around the world.

After learning that natural medicines have a far higher rate of helping people to defeat cancer, that second look became imperative. Other than thyroid cancer patients, more than half of whom survive the horribly toxic treatments requiring quanrantine from other humans, no chemotherapy or radiological cancer treatment has ever hit a high of even ten percent success.

Natural medicines and what are termed "alternative remedies" - which in fact have been primary therapies for many centuries more than chemicals and irradiation have been used - enjoy anywhere from forty to eighty percent success rates. Because these natural remedies and medicines do not work one hundred percent of the time, science continues to search for an assured cure. The problem with this is that they are experimenting on humans, charge a staggering set of fees to the patient, and fail more than ninety percent of the time.

To be sure we're clear, you can reference NIH, CDC, Lancet, JAMA, or any other internationally-recognized authority of medical matters. More than ninety percent of all cancer patients who undergo chemical or radiological treatment die within 16 months. This is indisputable fact. Since the Masters and Millionaires Tao makes no money from sharing this fact, anyone seeking to dispute it must have a motive.

"Follow the money"
You've heard or read the phrase before; it's power and effectiveness have not dimmed with passage of time. Natural remedies and natural medicines are safer, healthier, have no damaging side effects whatsoever, and work far more often. Does this not compel any thinking human to look at the numbers?

Whether you're already facing one of the horrible diseases that have multiplied and expanded right next to the growth of drugs in food and medicine, or you simply wish to preclude most fair likelihood of you being the four of every five Americans who die of something other than old age, take your second look. Alternative remedies are not really alternative remedies. These substances occur in nature. Drugs and chemicals and irradiation do not. Natural medicines are the most effective cures, provably and mathematically, empirically and historically, and personally. The fact that they are natural cures rather than unnatural is just a reminder of what feeling you get when you hear the word "unnatural."

It's not a comfortable word; it's not a comforting word. "Natural," on the other hand, is just that: natural. Warm, comforting, and healthy.

Whatever ails you, whatever ran through your family, whatever you think you might be facing or wish to avoid, start by grabbing at the reality you only pretend to understand, that what nothing will affect your health more profoundly than your diet. When you're pulling in enough greens and reds - both vegetables and fruits - enough water, and some minerals, perhaps occasional cod liver or other natural oil that helps you produce Vitamin D so that you can process calcium, you're now doing at least eighty percent of what you need to do to fight off the majority of cancerous, energy-sucking, immune-draining health challenges that are now prevalent in society.

Better foods are natural cures unto themselves. Natural foods ARE natural medicines unto themselves. "Alternative?" Stop dabbling in reality and embrace it with rather more vigor than you've demonstrated thus far. Put more greens and reds with sufficient water into your body, some fiber, and go about your business more confident of your energy, strength, and Longevity.

Natural medicines and natural foods and the best, the safest, and most effective natural cures are the primary and substantive approach of any using naturopathic approaches. These are not the only tools at your disposal, however.
After that, you have the many blessings of advanced naturopathic technology, most notably with biofeedback therapy.
Not one single event in medical history has been as dramatically successful since the global distribution of pencillin.
Unfortunately, few people can use penicillin effectively in developed countries; it's too weak for today's nastier creatures.
Biofeedback accurately sees what is wrong and where, and, not infrequently, even why. This augments the use of natural remedies.

Do what you think best for you. Many of us prefer a natural approach, simply because it's less invasive.
Natural cures have been working for thousands of years. They are most likely to continue working for you.

Natural Cures and Natural Remedies or Medicines
Why Natural Cures Deserve A Second Look - Number 32

Are you currently aware of the difference in price between natural medicines and prescription drugs? It's staggering. Natural, even highly-concentrated saw palmetto, which provides fast and dramatic relief for most men who have prostate challenges, costs less than twenty dollars. An equivalent amount of admittedly-toxic prescription medicine for swollen prostate costs more than two hundred dollars, and they are both medicines that usually need to be taken long-term.

The prescription "remedies" - which they are, technically, not - all carry decidedly unpleasant side effects, quite boring to all... except those who must suffer these unpleasant side effects.

Natural remedies, such as concentrated saw palmetto, which is a truly natural medicine in that the saw palmetto berry contains everything needed to reduce a swollen prostate. As it grows on the bush it's a natural medicine, a natural cure. No need to process. In the interest of not having to eat a few hundred berries per day, Mankind uses simple techniques to produce juice or dried supplements that are highly concentrated. Who wouldn't want to use a natural cure, a remedy and medicine produced by Mother Nature carrying zero side effects, rather than a prescription drug that definitely has nasty side effects? Is one of us smoking something hallucinogic?

Let's summarize - pay a hundred times more to damage your body and only temporarily lessen your symptoms, or use a cheaper natural remedy that cannot harm you, and temporarily lessens your symptoms?

The Way to Aging Gracefully

Natural medicines, properly identified, are in themselves natural remedies, natural cures.
Stop and think twice, look twice, before you put something into your body.
Just because someone who earns more money than you told you,
that doesn't make it better, healthier, or more useful.
It only makes profit for the recommending individual.
That's why the Masters and Millionaires Tao, et alia,
will stick with natural cures and medicines.
"Natural" just induces a better feeling,
and induces better health,
greater Longevity.