Scoring With The Opposite Sex QUICKLY
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Scoring With The Opposite Sex - QUICKLY

Let's be clear up front . You believe enough, or you hunger enough, to be reading these words. If you knew better, you'd do better. The only way I can get you to buy my next book, and the next, is to deliver as promised in this one. I have every intention of delivering in diamonds. By the time you finish this book, you'll probably have had sex with at least one or two new visions of wonder. Each chapter of approximately 1000 words will contain at least one huge shortcut-type technique for literally any and every known human endeavor.

These universal shortcuts are called "PowerGems" and work somewhere in the neighborhood of one hundred percent of the time.

Advancing your sexual pleasure

in either quantity or quality is merely a question of better communication. Whether you're asking for the date or asking for the sex, be clear. Those who know what they want and ask more people for what they want are, more often than you have ever realized, called "billionaires." It is their one and only most common trait, and the only one we can find that is perfectly universal. Ask more people and ask people more, hm?

If PowerGems work that consistently for many tens of thousands of us, then they will absolutely and certainly work for you as well, if not better. Once you make a habit of them, you'll quickly find that these techniques actually increase both the quantity AND the quality of your sexual pleasure.

Stop right here and get it clear. Every supersex technique in this book is broken down into smaller, easier bites, just like good food. What you think of any one of, or all of these methods, is almost perfectly meaningless to me, to you, and to the girls who are wetly awaiting your approach, unless you have at least 100 individual and personal experiences with each method.

Every single method in this book works. I've used them a far greater number of times than you are presumed to be able to understand. I've enjoyed at least three thousand wonderful, life-altering orgasms as a result. Dozens of other so-called 'ladykillers,' meant in a strictly positive sense, have used them right in front of my eyes. Hundreds of other inordinately successful men have spoken and/or written about them, or in the case of people like Warren Beatty, Donald Trump, Jack Nicholson, have lived these techniques in the public eye. they work, and beyond all doubt, they work wonderfully.

If you are among many who've said, "There has to be a catch here," you are right. there is one. Thankfully, there is only one. Accept and this one critical requirement and you'll be rolling in nookie. It's really that simple.

The one catch to scoring with the opposite sex easily?

It's also the greatest power of the technique, or PowerGem. You have to prove that you understand why you have one mouth… and two eyes. You have to prove that you understand why you have one mouth… and two ears. the sooner you get past this obstacle, the sooner you'll start scoring.

There are two reasons for this, and we'll address both of them. First, let's put out on the table a quick reminder. We're not requiring you to understand why you have two ears and two eyes and only one mouth. there's a fair probability that you're smart enough to understand the concept of having twice as many in order for you to use them twice as much.

What we require is that you prove that you understand why you have two ears, two eyes, yet only one mouth. the only possible way to prove anything is to do it. This includes knowledge.

Saying the words, "Yes, I understand it," have no meaning, because the laws of science and human acceptance demand a demonstration. the term one-conditional guarantee means only one condition: you must use any one or more of these techniques repeatedly. In return, you're guaranteed far greater success than you have ever experienced without the use of these. Going one last point here, every sexual success you've ever enjoyed certainly had one or more of these wonderful techniques at the root of their success.

There are hundreds and more hundreds of your opinions that are based on nothing more than a repetition of what someone else told you. How can you possibly have a viable opinion on anything you have no experience with? You're smarter than Einstein, maybe? He taught us that, and I quote, "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

The first two steps of any thinking human being who wishes to make USE of this brilliant thought is to reverse-engineer it by finding people who have already used it successully and repeatedly, and then, secondly, to actually apply the resulting information repeatedly.

Put your seat belt on, because those are not only the first two steps, they're actually the first two, the middle two, and the last two. Has the light bulb illumined those darker recesses? That' s right: we begin by breaking the entire task into two pieces: finding out how to use the wisdom through observation of those who are doing it, and then replicating it.

As you surely know full and well by this point in life, there are two and only two ways to do anything in this world:

Do it yourself through trial and error.

Copy what already works.

This applies to baking a chocolate cake as much and as surely as it applies to buying a large company, as much and as surely as it applies to finding and seducing women

If you can really wrap your brain around this thought, you're invited to simply hush up a bit. Learning from those who are already doing it successfully is one of the great shortcuts of life.

For those who came first, Grandpa was right to assert that there's no such thing as a shortcut.

Shortcuts are available only to those who observe the pioneers, and duplicate as many of their successful efforts as they desire to, and the results are big, powerful, and long lasting.

If you really want to score heavily with women, and enjoy much more, and far, far better sex than you're having now, you need to truly close your mouth, open your ears and eyes. If you're a typical person, figure 22 days maximum to your first major score. Your second and third nice scores may well occur during these first 22 days as well.

If you're the most pitiful measure of a man, someone who repeatedly refuses to ask for directions or accept hot, powerful advice, it may take a full month. Personally, I've never seen it take long than three weeks. Never. I've taught these techniques to quite a few guys who were bordering on their own virginity, and every one of them developed serious skills in scoring with women. Every one of them got at least some of what they most wanted. We're going to have you slipping your hands where they most want to be… within days or weeks. As long as you understand that you decide if it's three days or thirty days, and no one else, you're about to experience one of the most magical phases of life, where sexual satisfaction just soars through the roof.

Although you can use this book just for getting sex, you are urged, with the utmost vigor of discourse, to use this book for much more than that. First of all, AIDS is real, along with other nasty things in life, and you'd better be careful. Secondly, sex should not just be adequate. It should always be excellent, always be memorable, always a rock-my-world experience.

I'm recommending that you use these techniques specifically to go after the girl or girls of your deepest dreams, not just local loose skank who give it up to anybody. Reach for more. Go for the golden girl. She's awesome, my friend. She looks better, smells fresher, hugs better, kisses to moan after, tastes sweeter, and feels like a perfect angel in your arms. Without a doubt, you'll find the sex to be far more satisfying and fulfilling. It will also help promote a better chance of you finding and maintaining a lifetime relationship with your own personal angel, who just happens to think that sex is joyful and mutual.

If you are to go far beyond just getting sex, and moving up into the arena of sexual and sensual excellence, where your dreams are coming true, and your body's just thoroughly delighted with your brain's cooperation, it's vital that you suspend your disbelief for just ten minutes every single day. If you are capable of playing pretend in a manner similar to the way you did when you were a child, you're closer than you realize to Supersex. Why settle for just average sex, when you can have wonderful, longer, better orgasms?


As fun as it is to please people, particularly women, it is acknowledged up front that this book is not likely to be universally delightful. Some readers, and even more nonreaders, will surely get their tailfeathers into a tizzy. the truth has a habit of doing that. Might've been Schopenauer who first said that all truth must go through three stages. First it is ridiculed, then violently opposed. the third stage, naturally, is acceptance.

So too it must be with this book. Every single technique in this book works. With moderate practice, each technique will work consistently and mathematically.

As with all hugely effective shortcuts, they are based on the laws of physics. these are natural laws which existed before you arrived, and will exist after you depart. You are the tiniest ripple in the oceans of time.

If your ripple is offered to the world on a limited, pondlike basis, the ripple you leave behind will be the same. the more times you offer that tiny little wave comprised of your daily actions, the more times your energy goes out to the world, leaving its appropriate imprint.

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MisterShortcut is pleased to present you with universal shortcuts for total winning.
'Universal' means 'works for everything/everyone,' while 'total winning' explains itself.
Naturally, they tend to work better for the people who are hungry for an identified goal.
The concept is: Universal shortcuts are the fastest, most secure known path to total winning.
If you knew better, you'd do better. The Masters and Millionaires Tao aims to imitate those who do.
Having both hands on a tool has an empirical history of helping you achieve more with that tool.
All human endeavors are subject to the Masters and Millionaires Tao, subordinate to universal shortcuts.
When we imitate actions and attitudes of those repeatedly doing best, we tend to imitate their results.
The true bottom line is, "Less talking, more doing."
Shortcuts, & Shapetalking, & PowerGems can make all the difference, and get easier to use with practice.
Shapetalk and Shapetalking to Shapetalks and, all to help you reach YOUR ultimate score.

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Getting better and better in every way with every day means MANY of your tasks earn you mastery.

Doing what you did yesterday the same way as you did it yesterday means repeating the results.

The only intelligent way to create a better outcome tomorrow is an increase in effort today.

As a child, you knew much of the Way to Aging Gracefully and Masters and Millionaires Tao.
Once you became psycho-socio-sexually aware of yourself, your concerns did change.
Ceasing to prioritize your own opinion, suddenly, other people's opinions mattered.

The Masters and Millionaires Tao deep within you invites you to take back control. and help people to easily help themselves,
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