Same-Sex - Masters and Millionaires Tao Covering The Bases
Did you know that same-sex issues are more similar than different from non-same-sex issues?
Makes even an older thinker stop and think. Those who are stuck in one position are to be pitied.
The Secrets of Success are certainly identical for same-sex and opposite-sex.   Hmm.

Because the Masters and Millionaires Tao and the Way to Aging Gracefully can fairly view most religions from a common central position, as they are, for the most part, more similar than they are different, let us look at one of many views on same-sex relationships.

What makes the Chassidishe position on homosexuality inconsistent and also illogical is the first premise that homosexuality is against the laws of nature. Feeling so strongly about this empowers entire communities to tolerate staggering numbers of children being abused and molested, most often young boys.

One problem with the pursuit of exterminating homosexuals ("Torah teaches that they should be put to death") is the existence of several facts that must be considered before treating any consideration of changing the reality. Should you have the ability and willingness to process information before injecting the opinions and beliefs that you hold, you are one of only a few of every hundred with this most effective power to arrive at useful and effective resolution.

First may be listed is the reality that, so far, in these first six thousand years, we have not succeeded in eliminating homosexuality. In fact, the most educated and enlightened of us have not even reduced the number of people with such inclinations. You can succeed in suppressing public view or knowledge of it, and you still have anywhere from three to ten percent of any population who only gain happiness through same-sex affection. As a heterosexual, the passing of decade after decade has done absolutely nothing to reduce my confusion. Even after this many years, knowing any number of defects or unfounded insubordination in the female half of our human race, I am still utterly enchanted by women and would not waste my time considering otherwise. When something does not feel broken, isn't it silly to engage in fixing it?

Only after you suspend your personal opinions and process new information can you ever hope to think at higher, better, clearer levels, where your mind produces better resolutions. It's the only value of intelligence. Why know hundreds of thousands of great facts if not to engage them usefully?

For the distressingly small percentage of the population who are naturally smart enough or trained by their childhood role models to suspend their opinion until after they process the new information, it's easy to see that three to ten percent of every population, religious and secular alike, black, white, Asian, Latino, MidEastern, Russian, Australian, and more. Every society you examine has a gay population of anywhere from three to ten percent. This is a fact to accept as a fact. The determination you might have to change that fact is something that cannot be part of the learning process, because it's the opposite of learning, diametrically so. If you are committed to getting it down to one percent or zero percent, your only chance of succeeding is to first guarantee that the ideas and beliefs you carry to a subject are held on a back burner to avoid poisoining the actual thought process. Your wish to think on higher and higher levels of effectiveness, repeatedly and characteristically producing more and better solutions to most everything you will encounter in life, is not predicated on high I.Q. or formal education. It is based, and exclusively, mind you, on how often you take in new information and process only the facts, repeatedly and from several different angles before seeking to apply these facts to your opinion.

Even professors and medical researchers and blue-collar workers and information processors of every stripe fall into this horrifically offensive habit. Those claiming twenty years of experience rarely tell the truth, and hide it.

"If all gay organists were thrown out of their houses of worship, Christendom would be silent this Sunday."

When it comes to child molestation, the so-called Orthodox community finds that almost all of it happens to boys in yeshivas, only very rarely to girls. Because the members of the community have such strong feelings about it, theyseek to apply their opinion to the facts by automatically denying it. Because they refuse to apply the facts to their opinion, they actively interfere with resolution. So, for the sake of saving face for an adult member of the community, rather than admitting that the Rosh Yeshiva (school principal) hired and is actively protecting a child molestor, the child has to continue suffering a vast arrange of challenges, not least of which is fear. Only the failure to suspend personal opinion prevents these scores of children this minute now suffering under such a brutal and clearly undeserved yoke.

Performing what is nothing more or less than a fair fact process, you are not going to stop it. This means that, whatever the population of homosexuals in your community, for them it is natural. When you claim ownership of the word "deviation," one wonders which deviation you are hiding. Secondly, even a public acceptance that it is a deviation from the norm, a statistical fact we must process before anything else, it does not change the fact that being same-sex oriented is a natural state for those people.

To suggest extermination of anything that is natural, particularly when there is no licit claim that it brings damage or causes disease or death or fails to feed the least among us is identical to claiming to know more than the Creator of that person, however deviant you may perceive that person to be.

To pursue extermination of any group of people with a natural commonality is more than bizarre, because it seeks to defy the natural order of the universe. It seeks to present a greater knowledge of what is right and wrong, of what is deviant or compliant, than the very force you credit with creation. Bizarre is the least. You will always find skeletons in the closet of those who spew. There are no exceptions, so look again. Keep looking until you find it, then pound it relentlessly to ensure, enhance, and actively promote the reduction of credibility extended to those who spew against others with vitriol and often bloodthirsty comments. Those who offer vitriol over and over again are rarely ever less than meriting account as being among the most deviant of the culture they profess to embrace.

When you hear people spew, it is far more a comment on the spewer than the spewed-upon. Your failure to silence them is the reason for another couple of hundred thousand people dead in your most recent acquiescence to spewing.

Every word out of a human's mouth when directed against the interest of another, however benign or evil or selfish or charitable that target is, every word is either focused on a beneficial resolution or it is not.

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