Until you relinquish the life you had planned, how can you live the life still waiting for your experience?

Why do you internally insist that you know better if you are not showing better and feeling better?
However unlikely it may be that you do know better, how will we know without fair evidence?

Do you not know it's better to go down swinging than it is to allow life to knock you down?
This is because the experiences of being knocked down may be more than you can handle.
Each of us is different, demonstrating entirely unique responses to life's various stimuli.
When you go down swinging, however, the memory of your connections stays strong.
If only one of your swings makes a connection before you get knocked down, bingo.
Each one of those connections or near-connections releases your victory hormone.
Your memory maintains a count of every victory and near-victory, however small.
It produces the gasoline known as desire, the fuel that propels every great act.
That is why life is not counted by the number of times you get knocked down,
because each human who lives this life gets knocked down, and repeatedly.
Instead, Life is counted by the number of times you elect to get back up.
Contrary to what naysayers may claim, this is not rah-rah motivation.
It is a basic step of bypassing the art of success to engage science.
The science of success IS repeatable by all humans, including you.
Allow a master of the universe to guide you into your potential.
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ShapeTalk For YOUR Better Health

Better health in adulthood rarely occurs by accident.
Better health depends less on genetics than good decisions.
Better health means that information which produces better results.
With reference to the Way to Aging Gracefully, better health is the better result.
As with every subject of human interest and effort, those who do it better know better.
The Way to Aging Gracefully compresses the words, actions and attitudes of those who do.
Better information from those enjoying better health, beginning with a reminder to breathe.
You think you have an idea what this means and prove that you don't with each breath.
FACT: The deeper your breathing, the longer you live. This is mathematically pure.
Because it applies universally, it qualifies as a PowerGem, a universal shortcut.
Look beyond the EyeCandy to find PowerGems that produce better results.
A great example would be the ten-thousand-dollar-each healthplans.
A HealthPlan is a customized dietary protocol, highly recommended.
Do not eat food that has been handled by others, beyond true harvesting.
Fried foods are okay, as long as you do not eat them. Just kidding: MONTHLY.
When you turn daily pleasures that are killing you into monthly treats, their value rises.
What you think of as fat is actually non-food stuck inside you, evermore poisonous.
Clean out the junk with three daily glasses of colon cleanse for a few months.
You'll notice better vision, breathing, energy, and another day still alive.
Your skin improves in the first few days, and that's not the best of it.
Your energy level increases dramatically, and quickly, so do it.
Your intestine is six times longer than you are, and stretches.
You have many pounds of poison in you to release, NOW.
Please use this PowerGem to effect huge, fast benefits.
Better health = better decisions that promote health.
PowerGems of the Way to Aging Gracefully... for you.
Doing what you know is smarter than knowing what to do.
The more you breathe, the longer and better you tend to live.
Please don't tell us that you understand. Better to show us, hm?
By the way, this breathing secret also makes your brain much sharper.
So, three of the greatest powers you can ever hope to possess, all free.
Truly, what you know is quite less than what you do with what you know.