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Your Right To Vote Versus Your Obligation To Vote
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Right to Vote Versus Obligation To Vote?
If you do not vote, we have physical evidence that you are not participating in democracy. More specifically, that you are screaming out at the top of your lungs your unwillingness to particpate in democracy. Please don't TELL us of your willingness; PROVE you are willing to accept the responsibility given to you both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

If you're not doing the work, why should you be paid? No vote; no citizenship rights. Being born here is nothing more than geographic luck, from your point of view. You had nothing to do with the decisions that placed the point of your birth in this country. Therefore, you believe that this entitles you to all that the government offers and all the rights of capitalism and more. Exchange your yapping for power. Raw power in your hands, yet a stunning fifty percent of the population is too excruciatingly stupid to use that power. Just think of the fifty million voters who did not vote in the last national election. Had only half of these people voted, what a difference! When everyone votes, there is a clearer mandate for one candidate or the other, because the greater the number of people who vote, the greater the disparity in times of national turmoil.

If you're not doing the work, why should you be paid? It's a heavy tab, and this proposes that you are not entitled to the pay when you do not do the work.

Suspend the citizenship rights of those who do not vote: you're not entitled to garbage collection or the right to sue someone. It's so simple and will provide scores of corrections within any system that grows more abusive when it grows larger. One of Newton's Laws of thermodynamics states that in a closed system, disorder rules. Without exception, growing larger means having less control over smaller issues, issues that are important to people on lower rungs of the ladder.

How dare you ask for the right to sue someone or to have soliders risk their lives for you if you're not willing to decide who will operate those courts and soliders? Logically speaking, when we compare someone who is talking about politics and how to fix things without placing their own ballot in the box to someone who has no idea how to fix societal problems and trusts another human with their ballot, the latter must always be given greater consideration. It's the distinctive and definitive trade between a government and its constituency.

Whether you vote for one side of the other, the one and only important focus here is the act of voting. One of the fringe benefits to people you completely disagree with is that every time you do not vote, your vote counts for the position directly opposite from yours.

Democracy must be earned, you don't just get a freebie handout. It has privileges and responsibilities. Your responsibility is to make sure that the government fulfills its one and only function.

Surprised though so many of you are to learn the actual purpose of government, you are nonetheless asked right here and now to state why you think there is a government.

Please put your seat belts on, because you're in for a whopper here; one that it's hoped will permanently alter your life for the better and, much and far more importantly, will forever benefit your children and grandchildren and beyond.

Whatever you thought before now, let's get it clear in your mind that government does not have six or seven or a hundred purposes; it has one and only that one. Every conceivable extension, attachment, or extrapolation (going from point A to point B in order to see the path for point C, based on our belief in straight lines. The fancy term for this is "linear focus") is because of that one purpose.

Are you ready? The one and only purpose of government is to protect the citizenry. The only two ways to correct something wrong in govermment are violence and nonviolence. Nonviolence means using the instruments of government.

and if you're not highly-paid by that point,
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This one single page contains an exquisite nugget of information that will alter and better your life by orders of magnitude; just this one page alone. It's not whether or not you're smart enough to understand it -- not by a long shot. It comes to whether you're smart enough to make use of it in the next sixty minutes -- in order to gain enormously larger benefits in the next sixty minutes.

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The Power Of Democracy - the Masters and Millionaires Tao On Your Right and Obligation To Vote

The Power Of Democracy - the Masters and Millionaires Tao insists upon your right and also your obligation to vote. As a citizen of what is described as a democracy, your right to vote, along with your obligation to vote, must be protected and expanded as much as possible, extending not only to you, but as well to your neighbors. Engage in the power of democracy by demanding YOUR right and your obligation to vote. If you personally do not protect your right to vote, then why bother with your obligation to vote?

If you yourself are unwilling to protect and defend your right to vote,
if you and those around you are unwilling to protect and tout your obligation to vote,
perhaps you'll be kind enough to take the time to advise the rest of us just who will do so.
Whoever you THOUGHT would defend your right to vote and your obligation to vote, apparently left the building.
You're the one on deck, my friend; it's not enough to watch and be grateful for your neighbor protecting your right to vote.
That's because, in these times, as many people as there are who appear to be defending your right to vote,
as many as half of these people are poseurs, or posers, a nice way to say "lying fakers/imposters."
That's right; people who PRETEND to be defending your right to vote and your children's right to vote,
are in fact fourth columnists who have either personal interest in depriving you of that right,
or people who are simply not developed enough to understand that they're being used by others.
Stop waiting for other people to protect your rights, including your right to vote.
A most important reminder is that it is not merely a "right" to vote.
In fact, you have a legal obligation to vote. That right must stand.
That right to vote must be protected, so too the obligation.
Save your rights today. Get involved today. Recruit someone today.
This is the time and the place and the opportunity to look at what's critical.
Rest assured that your right to vote and your obligation to vote are actually critical.

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