This is the Masters and Millionaires Tao, the fantastic universe of many thousands of hand-crafted colors,
with tens of thousands of interactive EyeCandy effects, all to entice you closer, my pretty,
into hundreds of thousands of unique pages created by a single pair of hands, for you.
That's not a misprint: more than a thousand supercharged minutes of excellence,
with every one of those thousand minutes enjoying two commonalities:
1) Each striving to be even a tiny bit better than the previous.
2) These thousand "best poosible" minutes occurred, not once,
rather, once each day for more than five thousand days.
Yes, there were three to ten days off per year,
travelling and dealing with obligations,
with the other 300-plus days for you.
Once it was determined that the greedy rich people of the world were not going to share with the poor,
the decision was made to use all of the information gleaned from a book or two per day for ten thousand days.
Paul Harvey's "Rest of the Story" inspired me as a child, and sustained me on Armed Forces Radio in the service.
Then came Zig Ziglar, who demonstrated perfect stage presentation. The day I copied him, huge results repeatedly appeared.
Imagine listening to a set of five tapes you physically wear out by reviewing hundreds and hundreds of times, absorbing, drinking.
With the Masters and Millionaires Tao by Denis Waitley, Monsognor Kellogg had to buy several sets as the result of thousands of such reviews.
Jack Canfield, Goethe, Sun Tzu, and another ancient writer who's work is so lethally accurate that some of us don't like to share his name.
Lincoln and Einstein had a couple of great thoughts each, but one was a vicious man who freed the slaves because he had no choice,
the other created the world's worst weapon because of his ego, and tried to assurage his guilt by begging FDR not to build it.
No, in the past two centuries, it's difficult to find a more perfect brain, life, and presentation than that of a particular hero.
Unable to pay his utility bills, short of cash for his family's food, his job selling applicances was not working out at all.
Shuffling down a large street in New York City wondering how he could earn some money, a sign caught his eye.
In the tiniest moment, the permanent history of the world was altered forever, and very much for the better.
That one single second sprouted thousands of root-lines that are growing into our future generations.

"Open casting call" meant he didn't have to be a union member to be in a stage production entitled "Mister Roberts."
Despite zero experience or reasonable expectation of getting the job, Paul Newman tried for the part, got the part,
and as you may have noticed, began a multi-decade run of great good fortune, skill, excellence, and decency.
Engaging in living an exciting life, an obviously happily married man and father, race car driver, actor,
he created a line of foods not only healthier, but tasting better than any of the other national brands.
Although his company, "Newman's Own," is a for-profit corporation, this role model for all time
made the conscious decision to give ALL of his profits to charity, in view of his many comforts.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars poured in... and he spent it all feeding starving people.
The growth grew into the millions, and by the time a quarter century had passed,
some one hundred and fifty million dollars poured into the best charities.
The best charities are, of course, those that sustain life itself.
With a champion and a hero like Paul Newman out there,
how could I invest my life in any less worthy way?

While life does not always give equally,
it does not rob us of our choices,
including the choice of goving.
the Masters and Millionaires Tao,
because we're worth it.

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