Castles in the air are wonderful, and bound to be built,
              by those who create foundations underneath them.

Try not to have too much fun with the Masters and Millionaires Tao.
Whatever pleasure you might derive from the EyeCandy and PowerGems,
and whether or not the Masters and Millionaires Tao is the most delicious website, we'll soon see,

MOST IMPORTANT is how much you choose to make use of the eye-opening shortcuts and methods here.
Whether you get your primary information at the Masters and Millionaires Tao or the Masters and Millionaires Tao,
or from the hundreds of thousands of useful sources of information quickly available to you,
keep in mind that second and third opinions are like the math problems we did in school.

If you solve a math problem twice and get a different answer the second time,
you do the problem a third time to make sure you get a correct answer.
So too with great information. Get second and third opinions,
and then use the great mind inside of you to decide yourself.

You ARE worth the effort, let's explore how to accelerate your results,
by using more of your resources more times each. Most shortcuts are quite free.

Employ the largest empowerment website on the internet

If you're committed to learning how to succeed faster,
Ask more people more times each
It is the single most powerful "How To Succeed" secret ever revealed.

Learning more is a fast path to creating castles for yourself, and those you love.
You can tell us as much as you like about what you're capable of, and this means what?
What value are you assigning to what you coulda shoulda woulda? Less talk, more action.
This is your ticket, one of the richest veins of gold you can tap into at any time in your life.
"Creating Castles" is a rare piece of art. Without even knowing who created this magnificent piece of art,
it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that you're in the presence of genius. Oh, you think not?
Put this in your pipe and in sixty seconds tell us if your thoughts on genius are the same.

"Genius recognizes talent, while mediocrity cannot see beyond itself."

Do you really grab that statement?

"Genius is the infinite ability to take an infinite number of pains an infinite number of times."

That one's a quote from Albert Einstein. That means the rest of us need to gather around and give heed.
Unless, of course, you're here to tell us that you're brighter than Albert Einstein? If so, you may have great ideas.
For now, Professor Einstein, the kid who was permanently expelled from high school for repeteatedly failing math and French,
for at least this portion of time Professor Einstein appears to be the brightest bulb in this conversation. Can we agree?

When someone who is far smarter than us speaks, it helps to understnnd that there is a probabily of approximately zero that full communication can take place on the first go-round; the first time that the information is transferred from the smarter person to us. Let's take a great example that is hopefully strong enough, convincing enough to remove the ego factor of who's smarter than who, for the purpose of getting you to commit to action in the next few minutes of your life, a commitment to action that continues for more than just a day or three after you get excited with newly understood information.

The ego-removing example we'll use is Chris Langdon, as opposed to you, okay?
The word "you" is interchangeable for me, he she, they, us, etc.

Chris Langdon has taken a few IQ tests. The reason they had him come back to take different ones is that they couldn't score him properly. He was answering all of the questions correctly faster than anyone has ever done it before, so there's no way to fairly compare him to people of his generation. IQ tests, to the surprise of many people, is actually a measurement of how quickly you absorb information compared to other people with an upbringing similar to yours.

On one of those occasions, he came in with a case of cold or flu, and clearly wasn't thinking at his best, because they finally nailed him down in a small way, scoring his IQ at something over 220. If we're honest here, that means Chris Langdon's IQ is double what yours is. If it makes you feel any better, I'm one of the smartest people I've ever met, and he's so many zones above me that I revel in the humiliation because this is greatness among us. There is no doubt that if you listen to just about anything that Chris Langdon says, you're going to learn again and again and again from each gem that drops out of his mouth. This, then, is the most vital point here: multiple value.

Multi-Steps - Where One Step Produces Multiple Results
"Mutli-step" is a fascinating feature of chess. The skill and pull of learning how to take "multi-steps" is likely the one aspect that keeps people of all persuasions addicted to this ancient game.

Accomplishing more than one task at a time is the most guaranteed path to victory: accomplishing more than one thing with a single step.

Not coincidentally and yet discrete from the skill of accomplishing more than one thing at a time is the separate skillset of designing multiple results with each "multi-step." Since you're already wondering what this has to do with the primary point of instantly beefing up your brain in order to dramatically increase your action quotient in this very day. Develop more of who you are with the Masters and Millionaires Tao,
where the whole focus is designed to help you figure out how to succeed faster.
the Masters and Millionaires Tao has been designed and created with great affection for your untapped potential.
Brought to you by the Godfather of EyeCandy, who believes without limit in You

These are the best Shorcuts and shortcuts of Masters and millionaires,
the best shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and without a doubt YOUR best Shortcuts to succeeding.

Enjoy. It's designed for your life.

Shortcuts and yet more shortcuts, with reason.
You've reached what is claimed to be the "Shortcuts Capital of the World."
That carries a responsibility to provide shortcuts, then more shortcuts, and even more shortcuts,
because the bulk of all great achievements deliver them to us.

If another human has done it before, whatever "it" is you would master,
is it not incumbent upon you to imitate their steps to imitate their results?
This is the time of your life, the opportunity to get a bit better with each day.
Allowing the Masters and Millionaires Tao within you to awaken you is a journey of delight.

With shortcuts for Longevity and shortcuts for dating, shortcuts for wealth and riches,
shortcuts for sales closing and shortcuts for mastering the piano in minutes,
the fact is, there are shortcuts for everything and everyone on earth.
Shortcuts for succeeding faster at every human activity,
brought to us from active, inspiring pioneers,
those who have led the way,
first among us all.

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