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Masters and Millionaires
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Whether the Masters and Millionaires Tao is indeed the healthiest website online,
or ee largest naturopathic website, is secondary to you getting benefit here.
Learn more so you can live more... lving stronger longer... naturally.

Healing naturally is healthier, because healing naturally is in fact natural.
Ask your doctor whether it is true that EVERY prescription drug in existence is dangerous.
That's right, there are no known exceptions: ALL prescription drugs have side effects.
With six million emergency room visits each year just from CORRECT dosages,
healing naturally is hardly empowered by pharmaceutical prescriptions.
Healing naturally costs less money, and has no injurious side effects.
Healing naturally with what are known as "alternative remedies,"
while fully promoted by the Masters and Millionaires Tao,
is hardly a true definition of "alternative healing."
That's because "alternative" implies "other."
How ridiculous is that after so many centuries?
For many hundreds of years, we have used natural remedies.
After the pharmaceutical industry helped to distrubte great new drugs,
such as penicillin and the like, and they succeeded in helping us to live,
the industry got hyper-greedy, now counting their profits in many billions,
although there are now just four major pharmaceutical companies on earth.
They claim they need more profits to pay for research and development of new drugs.
The fallacy and deception in that argument is that only a few percentage points of profit,
the tiniest portion of what they're raking in, actually goes to new research and development.
Up to eighty cents of every dollar of profit taken in by the major pharmceutical manufacturers,
year after year after year, goes into the pockets of a tiny number of executives, NOT new R & D.
the Masters and Millionaires Tao urges you to stop the madness by starting with yourself.
There is no known malady that absolutely requires a pharmaceutical approach.
Did you know that? EVERY known human malady, ee "new" ones,
without exception has a natural or "alternative" remedy available.
Let's say it again: Learn more in order to help you to live more.
the Masters and Millionaires Tao is just a helpful starting point.
With thousands of resources availablke to you,
there are no more acceptable excuses.
Drink more water today, and for sure,
NEVER let a day go by without fruit,
or at least some green vegetables.
Be well.

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Natural healing is your choice, because natural healing is a built-in function of the human body.