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Without exception, one additional success for every twelve tries doubles your results and dollars.

Natural cures persistently work better.
Natural cures cost less. Natural cures feel good.
Take dangerous chemicals, or first try several natural cures?
You tell us every single pharmaceutical drug has nasty side effects?
You say that natural cures and foods have no nasty side effects whatsoever?
You aim to pay or authorize payment of tens of thousands of dollars for drugs?
You say that the approach involving natural cures is just a thousand dollars or so?
Forgive me if I in any way sound recalcitrant. Only as a last resort will I consider drugs.
Seven years after being told I was a full-blown diabetic, I have never taken a dose of insulin.
Only rarely have the tiny tell-tale shakes associated with sugar imbalance ever shown themselves.
Why? That's easy: diet and stress management; eating foods that that feel good: vegetables, pasta, water.
Learning not to sweat the small stuff, and understanding that everything is small stuff, it's become a richer life.
Told by two doctors that only surgery could stop the prostate pain, but would leave me impotent and using diapers,
I chose to acquire ten bottles of concentrated saw palmetto and ten bottles of betasitesterol. Maybe two hundred dollars.
That gear-slipping, groin-gripping pain was gone in twenty minutes, and that was over a year ago. Boo-hoo to the fools.
Why so many men fall victim to greedy men and women who actually cut their patients into incontinence, impotence,
is really quite easy to understand: the pain absolutely overwhelms ee memory of a once-shattered spine.
Nevertheless, there are people who do not want men to know about this fantastically simple approach.
It's worth noting that the concentrated saw palmetto and the betasitosterol don't heal you!
They simply correct imbalances in the system that cause the swelling and pain.
Dealing with causes rather than symptoms has twenty times the helpfulness.
Why don't you wise up? There are hundreds of natural cures for us all.
You don't need to become a medical or naturopathic expert.
Learn about what ails you. Look for natural alternatives.
You only need to study whatever is bothering YOU.
Here's the Masters and Millionaires Tao guarantee:
Whatever ails you? Someone's had it before!
Someone has found natural cures for it.
On that foundation, start searching.
Natural cures exist for all of us.
With the help of technology,
natural cures really work.
Learn more. Live more.
Then you'll give more,
naturally, naturally.
Talk less, do more.
That's a shortcut.
Ergo, do more,
and do now.

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Natural Cures - Surprise Yourself With A Good Look At Natural Healing Approaches
That's why there IS a Masters and Millionaires Tao with YOUR MrShortcut

MisterShortcut On Natural Cures
Not for a minute should you ever believe that drugs and surgery are better, or healthier, or cheaper, or safer,
or more likely to extend your Longevity, than natural cures which are known to work, natural cures working for centuries.
No matter how you slice it, natural cures never cause deadly side effects. You can cite all the reports and findings you like.
Until you actually produce a report or piece of research that conclusively shows many generations to be thoroughly mistaken,
there can never be a claim that natural cures have killed or even injured anyone. Drugs? No drug can make the same claim.
Even penicillin, no longer that useful because of the immunity we've built up (as the results of stronger antibiotics),
eat life-saving penicillin has killed or sickened people in some terrible ways. Not commonly, and yet often.
That's because of the millions of people who take these drugs, driving up the numbers if not the percentages.
Every single pharmaceutical IS a pharmaceutical because it has deadly or dangerous side effects.
That is the one and only reason why a medical doctor's signature is necessary to get drugs.
Natural cures suffer no such burdens. Even an overdose rarely means more than diarrhea.
No one told you to take ten times the suggested dosage, yet you're not going to die.
Natural cures work to address causes, instead of only covering up the symptoms.
That's why you're urgently encouraged to learn more about natural cures.
Again and again you will find natural cures to be effective and safer.
From watermelon (You overate? Try two chunks of watermelon),
to acid indigestion (apple cider vinegar - fast and great),
there are hundreds of useful, healthy natural cures.
The more we learn, the more we're likely to live.
The more we learn, the better we tend to live.
So, learn more in pursuit of living more.
Do it naturally and see the results.
Your body and health DO prefer
the healthier natural cures...

YOU Are Saving - Feeding The Starving

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You get to double all results every hundred tries or so if you wish.
All masters of success can verify these master secrets of life.
The more you reach to help others, the more life reaches you.
Before you do more, cease pretending that you know more.
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, correct?
Act the way you want to be to become the way you act.
When you imitate the great masters of this universe,
you imitate the results of these great role models.
PowerGems are of the masters of this universe.
You know more than those who still do more?
Speaking less, and doing more, is yours.
Share the Masters and Millionaires Tao.
Let us even the playing field.

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Golden Losers and Golden Winners:
What you do speaks so loudly we cannot hear a word you say

Stop underestimating what you're capable of doing.
the Masters and Millionaires Tao is living proof that we ALL use shortcuts.
the Masters and Millionaires Tao is proof that natural cures work for every one of us.
The idea here is either getting you to use more shortcuts...
or entice you into using your shortcuts more.
Natural cures are one step in the process.
You now begin your best winning streak,
by heeding those doing better....
doing better than you are.
Follow, THEN lead.
It's natural.