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You already know that what goes up must come down, that what goes around comes around.
Today presents any number of opportunities for you, some you see, plenty that pass you by.
Today, the Masters and Millionaires Tao solicits your interest in developing your excellence.
So, pretend that today is that day in which you earn annual money in each work-hour.
Today is your focus, not the next 100 days of repeating and improving what you do today.
You can do it for 22 days, 100 days, 1000 days or more, provided you do it, fully, in THIS today.
What you do plays a distant second fiddle to what you do with what you know, demanding you do more.
When you awaken the Masters and Millionaires Tao within you, you are going to be positively electrified, as a habit.
When you imitate the best, the masters and millionaires, the champions and billionaires, you tend to imitate their results.
It is your day, your turn, your Masters and Millionaires Tao, your hunger driving the determination of how successful you will be today.

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from the man with your plan, Mr-Shortcut, for You

Multiply your control of, and your results from, that magnificent brain of yours, your brain containing more than a million feet of wiring to connect it's one-hundred-billion-plus 'mini-computers.' Take charge of your mind with the tiny, simple, method of answering a key question.

Here it is. You have five minutes to sit in a silent room thinking. There are a million people watching and listening. You are being graded on one thing only: where and how fully you can describe yourself at your fullest development of potential.

What will your answer be? You can dramatically impact your health, your relationships, your sex life, or earn limitless thousands of dollars by putting it in writing within the next 60 seconds and I promise you you'll be travelling right through a full 15 to 20 percent of turning it into reality. Just from the act of focusing with a pen and paper. A dream with a date is no longer a dream. It is now, in business at least, as well as sports, education, entertainment, and more, called a goal.

The Masters and Millionaires Tao should acknowledge, in all fairness, the statistically-supported data that only seven out of every one hundred people are smart enough to do it. That's the simultaneously funny and tragic part: we don't mean smart enough to accomplish it. We already know that anyone smart enough to understand these words is smart enough to accomplish it. No, we mean smart enough to shut up and do it, even if it's chickenscratch handwriting on a restaurant napkin.

One of the very few things I've found to be impossible is something that I would love to see you try and successfully deny or refute. I have found it impossible to find a single role model, any superstar you are capable of naming in any human pursuit from science or entertainment to any other field of endeavor; in all of the world's history, who didn't FIRST and repeatedly, experience tragedy and/or massive screw-ups.

That's right. It's a fact. From the guy who struck out more than anyone in baseball history and the man who lost 7 political elections, or the middle-aged, divorced Grandma who moved to another country to the crippled young female polio victim who needed braces and crutches to walk, (Babe Ruth, Abraham Lincoln, Golda Meir, and Wilma Rudolph, (went from braces and crutches to running faster than any woman before or since)… right up through today, there are no known exceptions. Every one of life's great winners are those who've sustained stunning losses. A squeezable lemon is a profitable thing to be handed.

Just to clear the foregoing up for the uninitiated, Babe Ruth not only struck out more than any other man in baseball, he also hit more home runs. The guy who struck out more than anyone else except for Babe Ruth… believe it or not, was Hank Aaron, who ended up hitting more home runs than Babe Ruth. And just in case that wonderful light bulb of pattern perception hasn't flashed its coruscating brilliance upon you yet, the third most-often struck out of baseball players was none other than Mickey Mantle, who was also the third-greatest home run king.

   Abe Lincoln's many political defeats simply helped him think bigger and focus better to become U.S. President.    

The divorced old grandma who moved to another country? Eleven years later she was elected to several consecutive terms as Prime Minister of Israel. As for Wilma Rudolph, not allowing herself to be a victim of her polio, she took her silver medal in Olympics and simply added focus. She went back four years later, won three gold medals, and set three new running records that have never been broken or even tied in the past forty years. This from a girl not yet twenty who wore polio braces up to her teens.

We have thousands and thousands and tens of thousands of individuals who have overcome, and continue to overcome, challenges that far exceed those you experience in your own life.

Make a better decision, ask better questions... will invariably reap far better results.

Make the Masters and Millionaires Tao a basic, breezy, focused part of your every day.
As a child, you LIVED your own Masters and Millionaires Tao, then became self-conscious,
which means entering adolescence convinced you to care more about what others think.
While courtesy is a desirable human trait, it works poorly if routinely performed at your loss.
Find and figure and absorb and practice: Balance is a core of the Masters and Millionaires Tao.

What you know plays second fiddle to what you do with what you know. Raise your expectations.

Raise the expectations YOU now hold for what today will hold: Either your worst, your mediocre, or your best.

Shh. What you do speaks so loudly we can hardly hear a word you say.

No need to tell us which way you are moving. The actions you repeat most tell us best.

Ergo, less talking, more doing, yes?

Moving forward is a choice, moving backwards is a choice, moving sideways is a choice,
moving in position without going anywhere is a choice, excellence and mediocrity, two choices on the spectrum of decisions given to each of us.
You can ride past the Masters and Millionaires Tao and never move past the one within you.
Moving forwards means three new facts every single day, repeated until you 'get' them.
Those three facts are where YOU enter the Masters and Millionaires Tao circle of winners.
Every 100 days, every 300 days, the notches of your mastery become your history.



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