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This year, this month, this week, this day, and this next hour is yours, Sweetheart.     Yours.      It's your turn to identify what would make you the happiest, and then do what the famed and final Lubavitcher Rebbe used to say:                "Talk less, do more."

        Never mind being sorry for the things you've done.      Better you should focus on what you haven't yet done.

By a huge margin, among the consistent majority of sharp-minded, active elderly people and those listening to their arteries harden whom I've spoken with or otherwise interviewed, the biggest regrets reported might surprise you...

Again and again and again you hear the regrets are not for things done, rather, for the things they never did, never even tried to do.

Go for yours.   Whether your sweetest, most yearned-for desires involve gorgeous members of the opposite sex or tinkling on the   piano   (takes only one lesson, then a measly fifty to one hundred hours of practice to be able to sing and play thousands of songs and to create your own.

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