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The Normalizer is a dark-colored disc with a shell constructed of a polystyrene ring inside of which a solid mixture-composite of therapeutic naturopathic remedies is placed. It is designed so that it can be worn as a medallion.


A general rule of the Normalizer operation involves its maximal approaching to a pathological focus, source of pain or diseased organ, and its fixing to the body skin.

To fix the Mediv Normalizer into place securely on whatever body part is being addressed, you can use skin closure strips, gauze bandage, net-pipe bandage, elastic bandage, cotton pockets sewn to internal surface of underwear.

You can also wear the Mediv Normalizer as a medallion, having an eye-hole in the ring for the purpose.

The time of uninterrupted application (in contact with the body) ranges from 6 to 12 hours per 24 hours.

The beginning course of therapy takes 2 to 3 weeks.

To achieve a stable therapeutic effect, it is not recommended to shift the applicator from one anatomical part of the body to another within this period.

In serious chronic diseases lasting for a long time, a stable therapeutic effect can be achieved after two, four, and sometimes six months of systematic treatment.

Use of several applicators simultaneously (but not more than 6) enhances their positive effect upon the organism. An additional application may be performed both within the diseased organ projection and upon the organism biologically active points (in accordance with the main principles of reflex therapy).

When using the Normalizer regularly, its therapeutic effect gradually diminishes, but this is a reversible process: to restore useful properties of the device, it is recommended to place it at least once a week for 6-8 hours into the freezer of the refrigerator,

Refrigeration should take place when handing the Mediv Normalizer over to another person, or when shifting it from one part of the body to another in the course of treatment.

For hygiene purposes, disinfecting the device may be performed with a 70% ethyl alcohol. Even regular soap and water can be used to properly clean the Mediv. You'll quickly note that the Mediv Normalizer is built with sturdiness and durability. It can take quite a beating, although one would wonder why you'd want to beat up on it. This device has proven to be extraordinarily beneficial for tens of thousands of people.

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If - Interference Fields Toxic Metabolites - QRA

Healthiest.work has been created for so many separate reasons,
most all of which devolve down to the single aim of empowerment.
By teaching you more of these great master secrets of the universe,
including the indisputable power and utility of the Bodyscan2010,
you get to use potent information to benefit yourself and others.
The Way to Aging Gracefully has much of such information.
Health is far more a matter of choice than it is of chance.
If you do not identify your many interference fields,
clearing them up with the appropriate mud-packs,
you MUST expect that interference to reflex.
I.F.'s reflex to any organ or bit of tissue.
Every injury or trauma you experience leaves reside.
The reside of healing is what science calls "metabolites."
Call them "metabolites," call it "residue," call it what you like.
Whatever you call these substances, they are indisputably toxic to you.
In every single case, they interfere with the normal energy flow of the area.
Your body is a massive electrical biofield, and the integrity of biofield is a priority.
Get this: the integrity of your biofield is more influential than the influence of nutrition!

If - Interference Fields And QRA -

You need to learn about I.F.'s (interference fields), with QRA, and how to remediate them.
Not even one M.D. in one hundred knows about this, or would share this information with you.
Unlike drugs and surgery, there is no 100x markup on such information or even materials needed.
does require training, and still, YOU can use .
is based on BDORT, by Dr. Omura, expanded by Dr Bob Marshall.
Dr. Linda Forbes, with Dr. Marshall, made QRA and Vastu remarkably easy to practice.
Start by learning how to do your own Bidigital 0-ring test, (b-dort). It's easy!
You can learn so much by consulting a trained QRA practitioner as a patient.
Again, the experience is entirely different from anything you get with an M.D.
Learning to do QRA is likely to forever change your ideas about life & health.
The Way to Aging Gracefully urges you to learn more, so that you can live more.
B-dort, better vastu, , all intending to help you help yourself.
The Way to Aging Gracefully openly supports better vastu via .

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You cannot learn too much about a subject that is useful to promoting human health and Longevity.
Fact is, these principles are just as applicable and utile with respect to domestic and wild animals.
So, you can easily use the vastu principles underlying B-dort and for pets!