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Dr. David Cohen may well be the best doctor in the world Dr. David Cohen may well be the best doctor in the world Dr David Cohen may be the best doctor in the world

the Masters and Millionaires Tao
does not embrace, or sell,
or actually endorse Mediv.
Thousands of people do,
so we found it noteworthy.

Mediv Normalizer is highly effective in helping attain drug-free pain relief, naturally. In sum, it normalizes body processes, without drugs or surgery, which is why Dr. David Cohen - arguably the best doctor in the world - ardently supports the use of Mediv
With apparatchiks in the know scheming to get them,
Mediv earned respect at top levels, worth noting.

Mediv Normalizer     Pronounced "Meh-DEEV"

What is it?


The Mediv is a device normalizing the processes of energy-information exchange in both the live and still nature. It is the result of many years of study, practice, and practical application, and was available for many years only to ranking brass in the USSR.

The Normalizer involves 24 biological active components that had undergone a multi-step technological processing and as a result having a highly active mass.

A discipline studying interactions of biological subjects with their environment by means of energy-information exchange has become an independent science in the last decades of the century,

A new perception of the world is believed to be based on the overall unity of the Universe including diverse and not fully understood effects upon human beings, their behaviour and psycho-emotional condition.

Therefore it is not by chance that the modern physics included such fundamental categories as consciousness and information in its sphere.

Therapeutic techniques based on correction of information-energy condition of an organism, on the interaction between electromagnetic fields of various range and biological subjects, seem to be a new step in the cognition of natural environment. The future of modern medicine involves development and improvement of these techniques.

Many years of investigation have revealed that numerous biologically active substances possess super-weak electromagnetic fields of super-low-frequency or super high-frequency ranges and a wavelength identical to that of the human. As a result of such interaction, a selective permeability of "kinetic channels" is maintained in biological membranes of human cells, organs and tissues. 25 years ago, the results of these studies were used as the basis for creating the Mediv, a unique device that had no analogues: (its historical name being "Zorin's Enion").

This mass is a biological composite in the form of a solid disc. Its most significant components are snake's poison, maral's horns, bear's bile, ginseng, badger's fat, serotonine, myelin, deltoran and other substances together with an interaction catalyst, it starts "working" when getting in contact with the patient's body. In the super weak low-frequency electromagnetic emission, the effect occurs at the level of chemical bindings realised via energy meridians uniting all the organs and systems into a general organism's bioenergetics.

Electromagnetic Energy
- - Unique trait of the human body - -

The electromagnetic homeostasis of a live organism is one of the unique phenomena in nature: a human body both radiates and absorbs the electromagnetic energy. It is in the result of interaction between the Normalizer and the human body that the therapeutic effect occurs both at the local level (an area of application) and by means of affecting the immune and neuro-humoral system. A considerable portion of the live organism energetics is of cosmic origin received in the form of electromagnetic waves, including infrared and ultraviolet radiation and the light proper. The transparency of the Earth atmospheric electromagnetic radiation varies from 200 nm to 5200 nm. Part of the energy (10-12%) in the form of a chemical energy is obtained with food. Physical-chemical transfer processes occur in the finest layers of the skin. As a result, an energy field of a human being is formed. This energy biological field (biofield) is divided into the internal (or the main one) and external (protective one).

The external biofield is not related to the body limits and spreads beyond its borders getting into an interaction with other fields. Numerous experiments with human subjects possessing extrasensory abilities confirm the statement that this structure has no limits and can affect an object at a considerable distance. In diseases of some organs and structures, the patient's biofield condition is changed. During a long-lasting disease, a model of the disease is formed. The organism energy activity weakens as the main energy is fighting against the disease.

Cells of the diseased organ become slagged with various chemical compounds and metabolic products which, when unprocessed, are toxins and settle down in the cells and intercellular spaces. Disturbed homeostasis of the cells leads to their destruction. The same model is formed in feed disorders, hypodynamia, alcoholism, smoking, unhealthy way of life, as well as in an ecologically unfavourable regions with increased concentrations of toxic substances in water, air, food products.

Because of these unfavourable factors, a transition into a decompensated phase of adaptation occurs leading, in its turn, to grave diseases of organs and systems.

When acting with Normalizer Mediv upon a pathological focus, activation of the diseased organ cells occurs. Getting involved into a resonance, the cells start self-purifying, getting rid of the slag, their satiation with oxygen improves, the internal medium balance becomes restored to the physiological level. Normalising processes in cells and intercellular spaces prompts their active regeneration. One of the most important advantages of the Normalizer has an anaesthetic effect. The latter is achieved through activation of the structures in hypothalamus which are responsible for releasing the beta-endorphin hormone into the blood, the hormone being connected with the opiate receptors.

Therapeutic effect in some somatic diseases is due to a selective effect upon the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system normalising, at that, the condition of organs and systems (broncho-pulmonar system, gastro-intestinal tract, cardiovascular system). The universal character of the Normalizer effect involves not the wide indications alone, but also an absence of side effects, simplicity of application and, when combined with medical drugs, enhancement of their effects. This makes it possible to use the Normalizer both in therapeutic-prophylactic institutions and at home. Mediv has passed experimental, toxicological and clinical testing at 19 research centres and clinics of Moscow and St. Petersburg. It has proved to be an active and safe means of therapy of numerous diseases.

It has obtained a Licence of the Ministry of Health of Russia 42/98-694-0694 of 18.06.1998 and a Hygienic Certificate 78..05.939.0 7789.98 of 24.07.1998. It is recommended for production and selling to the population of Russia, and is now available from here in the United States.

As noted, the Masters and Millionaires Tao does not sell or wholly embrace the Mediv as an alternative effective device.
No less than hundreds of severe cases were documented among Mediv users, and the results are not so easy to ignore.

Make your own decisions, if you can even find them (Medivs or your decisions).

The Masters and Millionaires Tao is an attitude of wanting to know more about any natural method that works,
with at least a "more than half-the-time" success rate. Unlike pharmaceuticals, natural remedies don't kill,
in fact they don't actually injure, either. Why people continue taking pharmaceuticals is staggering,
at least to the minds of those who don't understand that eighty-plus percent of the population,
of any given country, no less, is remarkably stupid, subject to market manipulation.
Even in an era where the populace knows that four companies make Aspirin,
yet and still the populace will clamor for more than one hundred brands...
despite the fact that there are still only four actual brands being made.
H.L. Mencken wrote words of truth that you might apply against yourself:
"No one ever went broke underestimating the stupidity of the American people."

Every single known malady has a cheap, safe, healthy remedy

Do you understand those words? Please don't be offended but you don't act like it.
Every malady has a healthy, safe, cheap, powerful natural remedy. Why do know nothing about them?

the Masters and Millionaires Tao reminds you to learn more so you can live more.

Mediv Usage

Mediv Storage and Contraindications       How To Use the Mediv       Index       Health Index             Biosyntony         Bodyscan II      
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Hotlinks and How To Find QRA Practitioners

Bidigitally.com     QRA.name
Bidigitals.com       QuantumReflexAnalysis.info       QRA

What Does Offer?

QRA offers:

1. A comprehensive health-care approach

2. Immediate response assessments

3. Integration of practices including Oriental Medicine, Herbology, Applied Kinesiology, Biochemical Clinical Nutrition, and Homeopathy, and ancient detoxification therapies

4. A technique to locate the body's weaknesses

5. A way to determine nutritional formulas that support your body

6. Understanding of techniques that can systematically clear and rebuild your body's integrity

Note: QRA does not reveal disease and an appointment doesn't lead to a diagnosis. While the technique can reveal some current conditions and stress affecting body systems, it is most useful for prevention and long-term health.

What can I learn from it?

What if there was a way your body could quickly repair a damaged organ or rejuvenate itself at an accelerated rate? What if you could regain peak mental and physical performance in spite of having been chronically ill and fatigued for years? Today, many scientists believe the secrets of regeneration and healing lie not within costly medical drugs or expensive medical treatments, but within the body's own Biofield.

QRA is routinely used to precisely identify the answers to primary questions, questions that matter:

QRA is utilized to precisely identify areas of weakness within the body

QRA is utilized to precisely identify how your body responds to supplements

QRA is utilized to precisely identify how your body responds to a vast range of foods and liquids

QRA is used to identify what is currently weakening your body, specifically, your biofield (allergives, toxins, etc)

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Mediv and the Way to Aging Gracefully - Parting Thoughts

Mediv is one of so many devices and approaches, natural approaches, that have proven to be entirely helpful to so many people.
As the decades pass, more and more ingenious people come up with ideas such as for the Sweeter Domainss, and plenty more as well.

Learn more so you can live more, with the Way to Aging Gracefully and Masters and Millionaires Tao, and beyond, for your sake.
As noted earlier, the Way to Aging Gracefully does not offer to sell Sweeter Domainss, there are precious few anywhere.
The idea is for the Way to Aging Gracefully to share more of the many myriads of ideas that no one else shares.

More air and water, more air-dried sea salt, more fiber, more good bacteria. That's the Way to Aging Gracefully
While the Way to Aging Gracefully hopes you enjoy learning a bit about Sweeter Domainss, reach for more.
Give attention to the magical secrets of air, water, GOOD salt, fiber, bacteria, and .

Live your own version of your own Way to Aging Gracefully, to live more in hope you will give more.