So easy to ask what all the fuss is with worrying about friends, relatives, employees, other close people when it comes to flying. Then, someone you care about announces a cross-country flight, and whaddya do then? You worry, that's what you do. It doesn't have to make sense, can be as illogical as the idea of a bee flying despite all of its alleged defects in aeronautic design, also said about the C-130, the plane that was predicted to never hope to get off the ground and ended up flying more miles and missions, certainly saving more lives, than any other aircraft that has flown.

Logic is not something you can rely upon as a first-wave defender or promoter of any great idea.

Predictions on your ability, probability, and likelihood of becoming a master or millionaire, a champions or billionaire.

Answer the following question by picking one of the two statements

Applying Only To Matters Of Import

Pick your answer thoughtfully, because you can't jump ahead and find the right answer, despite the undeniable accuracy of the accompanying statement of whether you're going to be a master or millionaire, a champion or billionaire, or better yet, two or more of these four fine categories of human. You can't jump ahead because it's not a yes or no answer, nor an "a" or "b" answer. There are at least seven responses to the foregoing question that are immediately available to each of us. Whichever one of the seat you offer, see and understand the benefit that accrues to the observer, who gets to see all seven answers... carried into twenty-plus years of proving the accuracy of the predictor, which means what it sounds like.

Your opinion is interesting insofar as we can observe it in the next few days as it applies in your life.. Which of these two statements is historically, what scientists might describe as empirically provably repeatably accurate? Is logic the deciding factor in most decisions or do you know that logic never enters the decision process of something that has value to you?

Should you believe that logic is a deciding factor, you CAN become a millionaire, though unlikely you'll ever be a champion or billionaire. For you to do so, it would likely be in that category of less than one percent of all our millionaires: those who earn a million or more dollars through art, entertainment, lawsuits, or lottery. Those males and females willing to use their physical tools to enliven our minds already know their path, so if this is not you and you have no one to sue, a lottery ticket is probably the most likely way for you to become a millionaire. The more lottery tickets you buy, the better the chance you'll have, both of getting rich and going broke. No real need to explain to you about the absence of logic in decision-making. It has not, over time, proven to be a fruitful endeavor. Back to work, please.

For those who read the question and read it correctly, you're in the middle group; those who can become millionaires through the lottery, or become two or more of our favorite categories, masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires. You may not understand why there is an absence of logic in deciding anything important to the decision-maker, and still you show sufficient open-mindedness wherein you can be quickly and efficiently taught this magic secret.

Finally, there are those who have already been properly taught that logic and decision-making is a reversed statement. It's not that logic has no part in decision-making; quite the contrary; it does have a use, it does play a part, it is simply not the Director of Operations that the not-quite-literate of the world believe.

Whichever of these three categories you are in is of ZERO consequence as of the next paragagraph, because one of the several most delightful of human uniquities -- not to be confused with iniquities, although it often is -- is your ability to make dramatic adaptive changes at very high-speeds. Whether you are as of this moment the nonthinker who actually believes that people make logical decisions, or you're not sure and willing to go whichever way you're legitimately pointed, or whether you're already in the know, let's make this very sentence the dividing line between before and after. NOW you are ready to learn at highly accelerated rates with just a few lines of words.

The part that logic plays in making a decision about anything important is that we use the logic to justify the decision, which we've already made based on what amounts to illogical reasons. You see, from birth to death, every important decision we ever make is based on emotion and opinions, both of which are useless to the critical thinker in resolving any obstacle that we're likely to encounter in the pursuit of becoming a true master or simply a millionaire, a role model or leader, even a world champion or billionaire. With so many excellent courses on the human brain available at locales as diverse as Stanford University and University of Bombay, we trim out the exegeses on why something is the way it is the Masters and Millionaires Tao. We simply get down to the nitty gritty or at least our personal perception of whatever nitty gritty actually is, with a nod to William Safire, word maven (bibliophile, whatever). Put it this way: ninety or more percent of all our human opinions are baloney, and not kosher baloney.