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Without speaking or intending a lie, pretend you're wealthy.  Watch what happens in the next few weeks!

Kidding?  Not a chance.  One of the 10 great shortcuts of life, immensely powerful in the results it quickly produces, can be compressed into a dozen or so words;  words that create big change.

Act the way you want to be… you will quickly become the way you act.

IGNORE all the reasons you can't, couldn't wouldn't shouldn't…    ach, be quiet already: if you knew it better, you'd DO it better.

The world's most powerful proof of whether you are smart, or stupid.

There's three stages, for you, me, and everyone who has ever lived:

First, ignorance, not knowing what you want.

Then, stupidity, which is knowing what you want and not yet taking action.

Then comes intelligence: acting upon the desire.

That's it: there are no other factual choices.       No matter how many desires you are willing to put on paper right now, there are only these three choices.  Should you discover a fourth, please send a letter.

Ignorant people don't know what they want.

Stupid people can tell you what they want.

The only smart people are those who can tell you HOW they act upon their desires.

We now know if you're ignorant, stupid, or smart. We know it based on what you've done in the past 24 hours, more so by what you've done (or not done) in the past week, the past month, and the past year.  For most folks, their daily actions have pretty much been the same for the past year, wouldn't you agree?   Doesn't it apply to you?

You'll find that this book contains inordinate guarantees. "Inordinate," as you may know, does not mean ordinary.

In every case, people who achieve extraordinary results are doing better than those who pursue, and achieve, the ordinary.

Without exception, they chemically plant a seed by thinking of their desire. The more they think about it, the more they desire it. Each thought has an individual effect. The more you question if your signicant other is trustable, the less trustable they become in your eyes.    The more you smile inside with pleasure that you have a trustable mate, the more trustable they become in your eyes.

The truth itself, whether they ARE worthy of your trust, really and truly does not matter, ultimately.  Your perception of it is what counts, now, and tomorrow, and as long as you feel that way.

Knowing it is so useless until a mechanical, physical act takes place. The only way to prove that we understand something… …is to prove that we understand it, right? How do we prove it?  With an action that demonstrates comprehension of the subject at hand.

Knowing it means nothing until we intentionally control the thought that precedes every last action.

What more than compensates is the pure, axiomatic certainty that every single thought produces some type of result.  There's little to disprove my statement that 100% of us understand it; approximately 90% are too profoundly stupid to act upon it. If you knew better than what you're receiving this minute, you'd be doing better. If you knew it better, you'd be doin' it better!   No exceptions known to this unhumble mind that has been fortunate enough to read more than sixteen thousand books (and even occasionally understanding something from each) as well as interviewing and/or breaking bread with, more than 5,000 incredibly successful masters, millionaires, and billionaires.  NOTE: Since we only have 243 known billionaires in America at the end of the twentieth century, we do not propose in this book to help you become billionaires within 100 days or so.  We DO propose to make sure you are utterly prepared to generate a million dollars or more within the next 100 days or so.

Hopefully, there are more important and worthwhile goals in your own life; far more important than money. Until you get your money worries alleviated, it's hard to believe you'll focus on these other, more important goals, specifically those goals that involve helping others.  This book is designed to help you get rid of your money worries so that we can get you to concentrate on bigger goals, such as feeding hungrier people.

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The Masters Path of Winning may well be the mother of all websites, and likely the world's largest website.
MisterShortcut's rather zany claim to have produced and uploaded several hundred thousand unique pages....
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Backing up the first one million unique pages, MisterShortcut produced ANOTHER half a million
TRULY UNIQUE pages, plus approximately seven hundred thousand mirror pages to keep his works alive.
What a thought - no one will ever have time in one lifetime to view all the works of MisterShortcut

Created by a single pair of hands seeking to redefine "pro bono" -- fifty-one thousand hours and more --
all of the Masters Path of Winning websites, the Masters and Millionaires websites,
the Masters Path of Winning and other "Psychology of ____" sites -- one and all,
are devoted to you, in hope that you'll be smart enough to smell the roses.

The Masters Path of Winning and Road For A Healthy Life are, simply,
the most effective methods and the best shortcuts of world-class people.
Without a doubt, knowledge can and shall change the world, already is,
and it begins with you as long as you understand that knowledge alone
is not power; knowledge is only potential power until you deploy it.
Make the most of these best shortcuts at The Masters Path of Winning,
the best Road For A Healthy Life shared at the Road For A Healthy Life.
Learn more, live more, in hope that you'll give more. It's quite a formula;
one that has a strong tendency to induce inexplicable feelings of happiness,
of fulfillment, of what might be called "Richard Branson Syndrome" of attainment.

the Masters Path of Winning of Masters and Millionaires Champions and Billionaires

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