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Boosting Your Brain Power

In terms of education, quantity often outperforms quality of itself because quality is built into the quantity.

Even reading junk books, when you read enough of them, has remarkable benefit through the defining nature of communication.

Transferring information from one human being to another, whether repeatedly or broadly, is the purpose of whatever has been formally indited, in composition form of a dozen major media. In the case of the printed word, the medium has a sway and influence all its own. The tiny portions that we remember tend to stay forever recallable by conscious will and internal mental instruction to recall it.

We forget somewhere between eighty to ninety percent of all that we read -- get this -- in less than sixty seconds. On the conscious level, that is. On the subconscious or robotic level of thinking, wherein all information is accepted and processed with zero discrimination for believability or possibility, all information is accepted as fact. The subconscious or robot function of thinking is not designed to process the emotional or non-linear effect of the information, only to take the information in and place it somewhere.

Think of units within your brain that handle information this way as programmed robotic soldiers or worker bees, who have no design functions for processing or analyzing information; they can only take the information and slot it somewhere.

The only bits of information that stick, those that are NOT part of the eighty and ninety percent that we forget within sixty seconds, are those bits of information that are stuck to something else. Within that last sentence you have for yourself in this very minute and moment in time the undeniable opportunity to increase your brain power not only immediately and powerfully, as well the luxury of permanence.

To preclude any misprisions and misimpressions, we'll clearly define it as one of the five or ten greatest secrets and shortcuts of brain development. Obviously, the younger the mind, the greater and longer-term shall be the impact. What's heartening is that a good seven to ten percent of the population is bright enough to remain flexibly-minded; the rest are far too convinced of their knowledge-based and intellectual superiority. Proof is found in the next thirty seconds.

Each of us is willing to admit that there are plenty of people who are smarter than us. It just never happens to be the person we're speaking to. These are the folks who are so truly convinced they know better, although they're clearly not living their dream lives. Those of us who ARE living great and exciting lives are the best sources of information for pursuit of intention.

If you can name at least two or three people whom you genuinely believe are smarter than you, then you're in the seven to ten percent who are about to enjoy a magnificent boost in brain power just using more of what you already have, rather than wasting new incoming resources that you'll tap into at the rate of maybe a few percentage points of its total, and completely disregard the rest until a new set of resources is inputted to fulfill this cycle. It's likenable to a typical internal combustion engine, where eighty to ninety percent of all fuel passes through without being used. The so-called "Pogue Carburetor," named after its inventor, Charles Pogue, repeatedly proved out at up to a thousand miles per gallon. Naturally it was purchased and buried for the benefit of industry and industry owners who did not like the invention at all. In other words, they had a reason to see it not succeed, and took action, with the result that you've probably never heard of the Pogue Carburetor. In this same exact vein, there are people who have distinct reason for you not to succeed, most commonly because success increases the contrast between the successful person and where they themselves are at any given stage of life.

As well, there are influences from your childhood that you may or may not realize consciously are swaying some of your decisions. This encourages the naysayer to give you all the reasons something doesn't work, rather than investing that identical energy into figuring out and applying ways of getting it done.

To make sure we're going the same way here, that you immediately use this PowerGem of personal power and brain development, let's be admittedly repetitive in summary of where we are so far.

Using Your Best Shortcuts - Silly to forget them

We forget up to 90% of all that we read within 60 seconds. What little we DO retain tends to stay forever. "Staying forever" means being able to tap that tool anytime you want, because useful information is one of many tools we employ to accomplish a set task. When you've sharpened your use of the tool a sufficient number of times, you get the real-life version of combustion, wherein speed goes from zero to something based on external resources creating your result. Ssuccess occurs in the immediate task, and comes faster and with less effort in hundreds of other tasks. Your object right now is to understand how powerful this tool is when you use it immediately, because as soon as you understand it, and have that Oprah-like "Aha!" moment, you are most likely to use the tool on a repeated and therefore far more successful basis.

What little we do remember well from a book or other printed source is remembered only and exclusively because it fit certain specific requirements of the program that is operating our subconscious or robotic system. It has a purpose and a design, just like a circuit board or snowblower; following its designer's plan tends to maximize the results. Let's tap this now. The only information we remember is information that is tied to something else. Therefore, each and every time you run into a useful bit of information, STOP YOUR FORWARD MOTION!!

Instead of running past it and allowing it to flow into the subconscious, where there is only a tiny chance of recapturing it on command, usually at a time when new information coming at you will stimulate the memory, stop the forward motion of reading. Take the item of interest and attach it to something you already possess in your memory that you consider to be of at least some importance to you.. Focus briefly on the wisdom that says we can only do something to gain pleasure or to avoid pain; the only two reasons a human every does anything.

Best Shortcuts Only Work When We Use Them

Whatever information you are taking in, assign it and attach it to something in your life that has been a source of great pain or pleasure. Strangely enough, you can even attack it mentally to something that never happened, as long as you make the image and feeling of it so forcefully in the direction of your own pain or pleasure. This is the mental equivalent of a magic trick, and best of all, it's a multiple winner. You see, when you think that you really understand it, and you use it, it causes you to go back to use it again. The second time around, it works just as well for both memorizing useful information and, almost as vital, being able to recall it at will. It works well enough each and every time that something not unfairly described as moving will occur to you.

Each time you tap into this magical power for boosting your brain, you find yourself looking at it as all humans do; something to be tinkered with. In this case, that's great, because each time you tinker with this brain-boosting technique, you discern another aspect that you have previously not seen in the excitement of instantly doubling your memory rate of retention from printed material. There are new layers to be found. Yes, yes, we know that you're a bright person, and it doesn't change the fact that, as long as you close your mouth and open your two ears, zip the lips to use more energy on what the eyes are taking in, you are absolutely guaranteed to enjoy more and more benefits of strengthening this set of muscles.

Even if you only partly understand it, you have instant backup suport and then a third backup. All of these features add up to a powerufl combination that create and warrant the aforementioned guarantee.

Any and every time you take a piece of information and re-state it out loud in your own words as if you were advising or teaching a young child, you triple or quadruple the likelihood of being able to recall it any time you want, for years to come.

There IS a catch. In order for this to work at the upper level of tripling or quadrupling to work immediately, the verbal re-statement in language fit for a young child must come out of YOUR mouth within sixty minutes or so. Again and again attempts to beat this system have failed. Despite reading a book or two per day for more than eighteen thousand days, which in itself increases successful exercising of memory muscles, the information seems inaccessible unless and until the new information is verbally reviewed and re-stated. Each time this method has been used in front of sizable crowds, the results are always instant and affirmative. Learn to quickly and briefly restate all new useful information as if you were explaining it to a beloved younger child who may need an expedited explanation.

The third level of support for this brain-boosting method of actually increasing your brain power is the toughest and most difficult of all because eighty percent of us have proven again and again to lack sufficient intelligence to write down your thoughts within minutes of having them transferred into BOTH major types of memory, rather than just one.

Yep. That simple. Writing down the information in ten words or less when possible, permanently fuses the item into memory. That's why it's so common for us to hear someone saying, "Yes, I did a paper on that for school once, and ...." which means they have information both stored and readily accessible at conscious command.

Combined, these three represent a tool of farily immeasurable power in raising or boosting your brain power and brain functions regarding the processing of information. When we process information more efficiently, and with three separate tools all throwing their weight into the recipe, the outcome is very satisfying indeed, even if you exclude more than a dozen fringe benefits that result. Most of all, you'll accomplish more of your intentions and goals, with considerably lesser effort.

Once again, we see the raw and immediate potency of using the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires, not concidentally the same Masters and Millionaires Tao used by champions and billionaires.

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