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Some people might think the top doctor in America is David Cohen,
highly effective naturopath who keeps pulling off one success after another helping people to heal themselves.

MisterShortcut is convinced that YOU are your own top doctor, based on simple, compelling principles:
  • Nearly every human disease or disorder has a natural remedy - usually one that's worked for centuries.
  • Most of us are born with every natural tool built-in to fight off disease and premature aging.
  • By combining proven natural remedies with our advances in technology, surgery and drugs are mostly avoidable.

    BEFORE calling Dr. Cohen for personal consultation or a Bodyscan,
    you are urged to first read through some of the Masters and Millionaires Tao, which is free for your life.
    No less than NINETY-FIVE PERCENT of all these hundreds of thousands of pagesare focused on you,
    for YOUR better health and wealth. Demonstrate your intelligence by making use of other intelligent people's work

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Not only is Dr. Cohen hosting all of these sites for you to live stronger and longer, healthier and happier, naturally,
ALL ONE THOUSAND of the websites referred to as "Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts" were created by a single pair of hands.
all here for your life because we care about you personally.       So, learn more and live more.
Dr. Cohen is happy to welcome you to the Masters and Millionaires Tao, arguably the world's healthiest website
where you decide who are the so-called "top doctors" in America.   
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