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The key point: "healing naturally."

Most of us understand that QXCI, for example, or Bodyscan, or Rife, stictly speaking they do NOT heal, or even treat. They enable our natural immune systems and "repair and recover" centers within the body to work more efficiently to heal naturally.

Even if these devices only work sixty or seventy percent of the time, they are good and effective, simply not good enough for anyone to make claims about. There is wide and growing-in-respect group of natural health-promoting devices that encourage our bodies to heal naturally. By using so many of them, we can be confident that some will indeed promote a salutatory effect on our inborn ability to heal without drugs or surgery.

Healing naturally is your choice!

the Masters and Millionaires Tao is a part of the Masters and Millionaires empire of shortcuts with YOUR MrShortcut.

MisterShortcut is your happy host for the Masters and Millionaires Tao Naturally, using the high-tech bionetic and biofeedback device called BodyScan2010. Bodyscans are perfectly painless and non-invasive.

No drugs or surgery, in fact, no discomfort. Make use of the most advanced biofeedback devices to identify precisely what is wrong, what is out of balance, what is present in the body that shouldn't be, and then embarks upon a set of recommendations designed to return you to balanced, normal health as quickly as nature can do for us, when it's matched by peerless wisdom of people who have enjoyed spectacular success in this (or any) given subject.

Dr. Cohen repeatedly proves why he should be identified as the top doctor of naturopathic approaches in the US USA Brooklyn NY, if not also the "greatest doctor on earth" -- sharing the technologically advanced information gleaned from the Bodyscan2010, EMI therapy, naturopathy, homeopathy, , and so much more in the way of healing naturally.

The mission of MisterShortcut remains one of sharing the best possible information on living younger, living longer, living happier.

Prepare yourself for energy and excellence with naturopathic world of particular groups of human beings...
people determined to repeat the successes of countless ancestors and contemporaries living stronger longer

This is the largest self-help website, and striving to become
one of YOUR healthiest websites, empowering you to empower yourself, naturally
Special thanks to Dr. David Cohen, premiere naturopath. His expertise in all forms of ayurvedic and naturopathic medicines, homeopathic remedies, Rife Technology, EMI, oxygen therapy, flower essence therapy, herbal medicines, infratonic pain relief, Nutri-Spec, mineral infrared therapy, acoustic cardiograph,emotional harmony, the Bodyscan2010 of course, managing stress in a more healthy way, alternatives to chiropractic, QXCI and so much more, can be likened to a living encyclopedia of information on healing naturally as a healthier alternative to conventional medicine.

Prepare yourself for energy and excellence using the substances & approaches that prove best,
where healing naturally is the basis of all return to healthful balance of life

Count scores of approaches proven to work, including mineral infrared therapy, acoustic cardiograph, emotional harmony, Bodyscan2010, of course. As well, consider the power of managing stress in a more healthy way, alternatives to chiropractic, use of QXCI and the Rolls-Royce of them all, Ondamed, and so much more. The Way to Aging Gracefully can be likened to a living encyclopedia of information on healing naturally as a healthier alternative to conventional medicine. Fact is, if you're looking for the best doctors in America, or ee best doctors on earth, you need to invest more time looking at YOURSELF - because intelligent people believe that you are your own best doctor.

Don't settle for second best. No one will ever care about your health challenges, or encourage you to heal yourself naturally, or even learn HOW to heal naturally, with the possible exception of your mother... than you will care yourself for healing naturally and learning how to heal naturally. Indeed, Dr. David Cohen, gifted naturopathic physician, believes that YOU are your own best doctor, which technically makes you "the best doctor in America," and the "best doctor on earth." Learn more. Live more.   Be well.
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