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Welcome to the Masters and Millionaires Tao,  with The Godfather of Shortcuts-
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Oh the arrogance,
arrogated cerebration
of those who think they know,
intrusively useless to those who do,
roiling the burden of topsy-turvy turning,
how do we channel such misanthropic burning?

You tell us you know better how it surely must be done,
what acceptable reasons have we to think you might be the one?
We've tried it your way more than once, so we wait,
what we've seen so far lacks leave to appreciate.
This may be a good time to tune to those who do
the masters and the millionaires,
those who speak to truth.
Everything you say or do
delivers up and unto you.
Power is as knowledge does,
however did you think it was,
how else can you prove?<