EyeCandy Capital of the Internet and still the world's largest website.
How gorgeous does it get? Well, you can find tens of thousands of digital art creations
from the hands of the EyeCandy Wizard himself, the very Godfather of EyeCandy on the 'net,
the prolific MisterShortcut. A million web pages, 1,000,000 of them uniquified with interactivity,
and wrapped in delicate layers of smashing eyecandy, all to titillate your pleasure centers,
in pursuit of helping you to help yourself, to use more of what you already have,
in order to rapidly multiply your results in any and every area of humanity.
From smiles to giving, curses or stockpiling, the herd has mentality.
If nothing else, the twentieth century was one of self-awareness,
where people at the lowest end of the spectrum became kings,
when those who couldn't vote won millions of votes,
when society declared that you have the right,
you have the power and personal choice,
to embrace a lifetime of mediocirity,
or to pursue the best in yourself.
Above us all, in every crowd,
the most noble are those
who pursue the best in self,
while helping other people
to help themselves.
the Masters and Millionaires Tao.