This hamburger hotlink is brought to you by someone who misses great burgers

Hamburger Hotlinks<
Hamburger hotlinks are still alive,
because hamburger hotlinks contain no jive.
All of these links and all their pages, were built by MisterShortcut in delicious stages.
Each contains EyeCandy, Shapelinks, and more, all to bring shortcuts to your front door.
Hamburger hotlinks solicit your best, in pursuit of your winning your greatest success.

Reach for the best inside of your soul, and let the Masters and Millionaires Tao help make you whole.
The more than you learn, the more you will earn. The more you shall know, the more you shall grow.
Hamburger hotlinks are just EyeCandy treats, MisterShortcut sure hopes you find them to be sweet.
Hamburger hotlinks, by the score and more, One Hamburger hotlink is this page's core.

Go for yours, because you only get one life, friend.
You've wasted far more than enough of it to date;
so many tens of thousands of useless, unproductive minutes.
From this day forth let's see more of what's great about you.
Shhhhhh.     Less talk.     More action.
Make the Masters and Millionaires Tao fit into YOUR goals and dreams.

Let's see here: hamburger hotlinks, ey?
It appears that we need more references to hamburger hotlinks.
You tell us that "hamburger hotlinks" must be mentioned seven percent of the time?
Well, that means we need some more "hamburger hotlinks" phrases here, don't we?
Okay, let's try another hamburger hotlinks poem, and yes,
you can fairly expect it to be packed with "hamburger hotlinks" references.

Hamburger Hotlinks Poem #3:

Hamburger hotlinks are really quite nice, because hamburger hotlinks are more useful than ice.
You see, hamburger hotlinks cause no sword cuts, because hamburger hotlinks lead strictly to shortcuts.
Hamburger hotlinks seven times for one hundred, hamburger hotlinks for those filled with hunger.
To win and to win, again and again, like Champion Jimmy Connors,
who know that great shortcuts in the pursuit of success demands using ethics and honor.
So click on these candies, our hamburger hotlinks, and use them like a mensch,
for the good guys who share, and do it quite cleanly, never end up on the bench.

Welcome to the hamburger hotlinks capital of the internet,
known as Hamburger Hotlinks Central.

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