the Masters Millionaires Tao,
Showing us what YOU can do is better than
telling us what you can do.

created for you
by the Godfather of Shortcuts,
the Godfather of EyeCandy,

If you're looking for the most beautiful website or the most beautiful websites in the world,
you've come to the right place. At least, we believe the Masters Millionaires Tao is one of the most beautiful websites in the world if not The most beautiful website in the world.
the Masters Millionaires Tao is comprised of several million pieces, including many tens of thousands of original EyeCandy work by Mr-Shortcut.Whether or not it is indeed the most beautiful website in the world,
or one of the most beautiful websites in the world, ultimately, that's for you to decide.

Mr-Shortcut, however, is sure that Mr-Shortcut has created the world's most beautiful websites,
because you're worth the fifty thousand hours and beyond that the Godfather of EyeCandy has invested.

Without wishing to offend any of the search engines, it is hoped that all the rules are followed properly,
in order to make the Masters Millionaires Tao one of, or rather, MANY of... the world's most beautiful websites.

Prettiest Websites - Not For Claiming

Prettiest websites, prettiest websites, who can tell?
Without actually claiming to be the prettiest websites,
the one thousand-plus Masters and Millionaires websites
do seem qualified to take such title without arrogation.
What's more important is whether YOU find the Masters Millionaires Tao
to be your prettiest websites. If you do, then you're more likely to return,
more likely to benefit from the wisdom of our greatest achievers and producers,
and that means you're even more likely to click on the food buttons appearing liberally.

And that's the point of trying to be the prettiest websites... that's right, not just one,
not just THE prettiest site, for that's a limiting thought. How about trying for more than one?
Thus, by trying to achieve the feat of producing one hundred of the world's prettiest websites,
one is more likely to have at least a few in the top top. You follow the logic so far?
You're asked because it applies directly and in sweet parallel to you and your life.
Believing that it's wisest to shatter world records no matter what you're doing,
MisterShortcut decided to try and develop 1,000 -- yes, that's one thousand -
of the world's prettiest websites. This way, a better chance of being one.
In other words, the true goal is indeed to provide the prettiest site.
If one creation can dare to reach for the heights of superlative,
then it's simply logical to reach for it a hundred times.
Should a hundred be insufficient, try a thousand.
That's the Masters Millionaires Tao for you:
a thousand-plus sites, tied together,
all by one pair of ahnds for YOU,
in hope of being if not THE,
then at least one of the
prettiest websites.
With your mind in mind,

Prettiest Websites? You decide

With respect to actually determining which are the prettiest websites,
or even just among the prettiest websites, we can, as soon as one billion,
or more, preferably, of our planet's current residents can get together in unity,
on issues more important than which are the prettiest websites, then and only then,
shall we seek to have the Masters Millionaires Tao officially declared to possess such renown,
"... many of the prettiest websites we've ever seen."

Welcome to the Masters Millionaires Tao, one of the world's prettiest websites.