Welcome to the largest healthiest website, with Dr. David Cohen,  

Welcome to the healthiest website
Regaining at least some measure of control over your health,
with the wisest, most repeatable practices of the long-lived.
Until you have mastered your Way to Aging Gracefully,
how can you pretend to know more than the elderly?
Until you do better, how can you know any better?

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QRA.me - Appropriately among the shortest URLs since QRA is short & sweet
- Because QRA was innovated in the U.S. by Dr. Robert "Bob" Marshall
- Way to Aging Gracefully SweetDomain, Sharing Q-R-A across the world
- Give yourself permission to invest time learning QRA with the Way to Aging Gracefully
QRA.name - Learning more tends to living more, including QRA at the Way to Aging Gracefully
We do not learn less about anything. From Austin, Texas, and Dallas, Dr. Marshall changed the world.
- Since QRA was promulgated from Austin, the Way to Aging Gracefully pays homage to Austin

Layers of the Way to Aging Gracefully - including

While it is easy to see humor in people or organizations registering so many domains and building so many websites dedicated to,
the Way to Aging Gracefully is one of many tools available to you to try and cut through the theft, deception, and lethality of today's "modern" medicine.
Truth is more precious than you prove to recognize, considering how many advertised items you buy, enriching only a surprisingly few rich people.
What is referred to as "modern medicine" is anything but, more appropriately referred to as "modern distribution of criminally-priced toxins."
The precious commodity of truth is close to perfect with most trained QRA practitioners: always tells the truth.
Just one example of so many hundreds: If you are a diabetic, does your M.D. prescribe insulin, or teach you how to eat correctly?
Are you truthfully told that approximately 100 of 100 diabetics can naturally erase their diabetes, or are you sold on insulin?
Insulin is a nasty substance that you are, according to M.D.'s, stuck with for life, which is yet another modern medical lie.
Change your diet to eliminate diabetes. That is a one hundred percent fact for one hundred percent of all diabetics.
Anyone telling you otherwise either does not know, which is called "ignorance," or else they have cause to say so.
The only human beings with cause to say so are those who benefit from your belief in the dangerous waste of insulin.
Aside from chromium or other supplementation, the number one rule for erasing diabetes is to give your pancreas a rest.
This is a polite way of saying that your diabetes manifested so seriously because of your stupid, and anti-nutritional decisions.
When you put artificial food into the body, it's pretty stupid, don't you think, to expect anything but artificial nutrition and health?
Artificial food promotes artificial health, that deceptive state where you swear that you feel fine, no problems, you're in great health.
HealthGem of the Way to Aging Gracefully : "Everything is subclinical until it is clinical." Alzheimer's takes 200 months to become obvious.
Rest in peace, assured that we knew without the Way to Aging Gracefully that everything is subclinical until it becomes clinically observerable.
90 of 100 people die unnaturally in this country, versus 5 just a century ago. If you are 10 pounds overweight, 25 more pounds are inside and unseen.
Above all, nothing can happen in your body without changes in your electrical biofield. Every injury leaves metabolites, interfering with your electricity.
That's why you need to find at least one or two qualified QRA practitioners near you, or learn QRA testing for a QRA appointment. QRA is the game-changer.
Those who repeatedly show best prove to know best. The Way to Aging Gracefully urges you to find or become, yourself, a fully-trained QRA practitioner.

Help Yourself - The Way to Aging Gracefully Is About Self-Help

"Help yourself... to heal yourself."

NOTE: Q.R.A. does not treat, heal, or cure any diseases.
Q.R.A. does not even look at symptoms, only weaknesses

For example, if a particular organ, such as your pancreas, liver, kidneys, etc., is weak,
you do not have to tell the Q.R.A. practitioner. In a minute or two, they will tell YOU.
Considering the number of medical doctors who are embracing Q.R.A., take a look.
The more we know in life, the better our decisions tend to be. This includes you.
We urge you to learn more so you can live more, THEN call for appointments.
The best of the QRA practitioners can identify weak organs in just seconds!
When you eliminate the guesswork that defines conventional medicine,
your ability to remediate deficiencies not only rises up, it multiplies.
Follow masters & champions into YOUR Way to Aging Gracefully
Excellence cannot happen accidentally: QRA is excellence.

QRA Is A Core Utility Of Cohenology and The Way to Aging Gracefully

Success requires the suspension of opinions and feelings in order to make room for the most objective facts.
Cohenology is not a human set of opinions; Cohenology proves to be the science of the most effective approaches.
For every thousand or more suggestions or approaches, there is, characteristically, one that stands out, seen as the best.
There is at least one thing in life that you know what is best in remediating. Dr. Cohen found or innovated dozens of them.
The only opinions you can benefit from are the opinions of the people who have repeatedly attained it with great success.
The Masters and Millionaires Tao proves to be the ultimate in self-empowerment, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, all for You 
The Way to Aging Gracefully tunes us into the healthiest methods of those who live stronger for longer, naturally.
If another human touched it, do you really think they took exquisite care to respect your need for clean food?


Cohenology In Poetry

Cohenology here, and Cohenology there,
the meanings are more than you, my dear.
Inside of you there is your own Cohenology,
where you know to mix the best of the best.
From today, embrace your own Cohenology.
Using the best of your own inner best,
your results expand and multiply.
Cohenology, reaching YOUR sky.
Engage YOUR Cohenology.

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Better health is never accidental with the Way to Aging Gracefully

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the Masters and Millionaires Tao from Shortcuts of Masters and Millionaires success shortcuts
from those who are alreay doing it!!
PowerGems - Masters and Millionaires, how to succeed with successful health shortcuts.
  Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!   Remember 911day.  
  Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!    Remember 911day.  

the Masters and Millionaires Tao is Designed for YOU, with the best healthiest tips for healthier, better, longer living.

The Masters and Millionaires Tao is designed to present you with healthy tips for healthier and longer living.
Perhaps more than any other web site, you will find more of the best health tips and health-promoting methods and techniques at the Masters and Millionaires Tao, designed, created, uploaded and promoted -- of course -- by MrShortcut.

Getting healthier by taking control of your health decisions, staying healthier, living longer,
is a simple matter of using the same shortcuts used by masters and champions, winners and role models. Why argue with success? These shortcuts produce fast results for those who put these shortcuts to use.
Remember that MrShortcut and Dr. David Cohen firmly believe and know that healthy tips for longer better living, healthier lifestyles and greater quality of life are not that difficult, when we learn from those who live the longest with the highest quality of life. Heal faster and naturally with naturopathic and homeopathic medicine, such as Dr. David Cohen practices in Brooklyn NY. MrShortcut is willing to testify under oath that Dr. David Cohen has proven himself to be one of the best naturopathic doctors in Brooklyn or NY or America or USA, however you phrase it.
Mastery of seven separate naturopathic homeopathic ayurvedic and technologically-based methods will likely alter, deeply, much of what you think. Make use of the Phazx Bodyscan2010 as the basis of his suggestions, and you can bet that the Bodyscan, also known as bodyscan2010, is no small tool. No drugs, no surgery, no invasive procedures -- the Bodyscan is a giant in the field of natural health care, one that doctors appear to be recognizing in greater and greater numbers because it often empowers far better results than conventional medicine or pharmaceutical drugs tend to

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Welcome to the Masters and Millionaires Tao of Champions Billionaires Masters and Millionaires,
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Enjoy and benefit from those doing it better than you've been doing.

Might even be a good idea to take a look at the Bodyscan2010.
Look, and decide for yourself based on better information from Masters and Millionaires and MrShortcut
with YOUR successful shortcuts to longer, healthier, more youthful living.

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Healing naturally,, best of naturopathic doctors in America.

Dr. David Cohen

Raise your quality of life with shortcuts at the Masters and Millionaires Tao and the Way to Aging Gracefully,
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Natural health shortcuts of long-lived people.   Your best health tips... NATURAL health tips,
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That's the focus of your healthiest websites, with more than hundreds of thousands of unique pages for you,
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built with great affection for your success by Mister-Shortcut, for You