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EnergyVials and BrainVials, MagicalTape and the world's first SuperchargedLaser, all from the amazing MisterShortcut,
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To gaze into the very heart of MisterShortcut serves up Megaphotons, the most powerful image of all time.

Get More Energy From Food - Use FoodBoosters!

The Way to Aging Gracefully presents many of the fantastic, inventive devices wrought by MisterShortcut.

The world's first supercharged cold lasers and Qvials, to the newer EnergyVials, MagicalTape, and more,
including FoodBoosters, the world's first guaranteed method of boosting energy in food, instantly provable,
wherein EVERY food and drink (or the container they are in) can be touched by the tiny FoodBoosters, briefly,
to make that food and drink test stronger using the one-second bidigital test most often referred to as "QRA test."

The Way to Aging Gracefully recommends that you never again, as long as you live, EVER eat or drink anything without FoodBoosters.
Simply touch the tiny glass FoodBoosters vial to the plate, cup, glass, even styrofoam mugs(!), to reverse electrical pollution, and more.

Make an O-ring with your right thumb and finger, and have someone else pry it apart just to see how strong or weak you are. It's that easy.
Now, let's find out if that food is going to benefit YOU PERSONALLY. Pick up a piece of food, and hold it against your chest with your left-hand.
Have someone else gently pry the O-ring on your right hand. That's it. If it will weaken you, you will be unable to hold the O-ring tightly closed.
If that food is going to energize and benefit you, it will be easy for you to hold the O-ring closed, easy to resist gentle attempts to pry it open.

If you are sensitive or allergic to a particular food, you will find it impossible to keep your O-ring closed when the food is close to or inside you.
The Way to Aging Gracefully promises & guarantees that FoodBoosters fixes BOTH problems that present, when using this easy one-second test.

- The second test is not how it will affect you personally, energy-wise, rather, simply a test of food having high or low levels of energy. Try this now:

- Have someone test the O-ring on your right hand: Your thumb, and any finger you can hold closed, but can be slightly separated with gently prying.
Tap the food against the table 10x to imitate the stress that your digestive system will place on that food when you eat it. Can your food take stress?

The answer is, of course, "NO!" Very, VERY rarely can any commercial food in the U.S. ever pass the test you are now doing to test the food's energy.

As soon as you tap the food 10x on the table, quickly hold it as far from your body, in a two-finger pinch, with your left hand, as you test right-hand O-ring.
We've never found a commercial food in the U.S. that tests strong when gently tapped 10x... until it is touched by the Way to Aging Gracefully FoodBoosters.

No need to believe a word of this. Test food yourself, any food, and do the test ten times. Results are always the same.
Once you touch the FoodBoosters to the food or beverage, you can stress-tap that food 10x or 100x, it will ALWAYS test strong.

Unconditional money-back guarantee: ANYTHING that tests weak (using BDORT or QRA or CRA testing) will test stronger with FoodBoosters.

Enjoy our FoodBoosters videos at FoodBoosters.com and at Youtube.com/foodboosters, such as


MORE explanatory, great video, animation style, from to YOU

Diversity and repetition are core to the Masters and Millionaires Tao and Way to Aging Gracefully,
which partly explains why some energy videos have overlapping info from other energy videos.
You can find even more of our video explanations and presentations at YouTube.com/FoodBoosters
We HIGHLY recommend and urge you to read the extensive descriptions at each of our YouTube videos.
Repetition is the mother of all skill, as Tony Robbins taught, which is integral to the Masters and Millionaires Tao.

Allow the Way to Aging Gracefully and Masters and Millionaires Tao to show you the way to bring on out the best in you.
Having more energy is a huge start, and, when you can obtain much higher energy from the food amounts you eat,
then logic is well-served in asseverating that the amount of food needed to boost energy is likely to drop sharply.
With a range of functions of the FoodBoosters, the most common feedback is, "I'm eating much less food."
Getting more energy from less food is a Way to Aging Gracefully goal. FoodBoosters provides that fully.
Boosted energy from food is just one reason the Way to Aging Gracefully is among your healthiest websites.