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Consistent Commonalities of Long-Lived Humans
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Few things have ever changed for those who physically live long and well.

  • They do not get all bent out of shape in when disasters and challenges present themselves. Every one of us has to deal with both positives and negatives in life. That is a given; we have no choice. Where we DO have a choice is the decision to respond or react; the decision to focus on what's wrong --- or to focus on how to fix it. The people who live younger for longer accept life's challenges, and focus on resolution rather than resentment and complaint. The identical brain energy used to focus on the problem is persistently channeled into the solution. No matter what doctors, professors or researchers tell you, we have known for thousands of years that the absolute number one cause of death on earth is stress. It is identifiably the single greatest cause of heart problems, back problems, gastrointestinal disorders, skin problems, and more. Meat products and cancer are major stresses on the body. Animal products and cancer are major stresses on the body.

    Diabetes is one of many health challenges that are directly made worse by sustained stress. Sometimes, these often cause the disorder or disease. That's how powerful stress is, chemically. That's "distress," versus "eustress," which is the opposite of the disastrous variety. Eustress yields a somewhat equal and opposite result. Feeling good is always healthy for the immune system and all that it supports.

    One bit of certainty is that ulcers are NOT caused by what you eat, rather by whatís eating YOU. Dr. Sarno and so many others have conclusively proven with, get this -- thousands of individual patients Ė that literally 99% of all back problems are caused by stinking thinking. Stop thinking your doctor is God; sheís NOT; heís NOT. Many people have addressed hypoglycemia and insulin simply by making better choices, better decisions, and without having to relinquish all of life's sweetest treats. Remember, all of the comments, assurances, living longer shortcuts, and more at the Masters and Millionaires Tao, or the Masters and Millionaires Tao, come directly from those who live longer, better lives.

  • Water, Water, the power of water!!

  • Next, they drink more water than you do.     Considerably more.   If you need to be told you're not drinking enough water, you're either ignorant, which we can expeditiously fix, or stupid, which is up to you to fix.

    Water, and not bread, is the true staff of life. You could even fairly say that water is the staff AND stuff of life. You can live without food for months and even years, you cannot live a single month without it, and probably not much more than a week. You use about eight gallons of water to flush a toilet to make it clean. Surely you're smart enough to flush the toxins and poisons out of your body by the same natural method? If you removed all the water from the human body, you would have a small amount of material left, literally small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. Just as surely as you know that water unreplaced becomes stagnant and filthy, even toxic, do you not know that the water in your body is subject to the same degeneration? CHANGE YOUR WATER MORE OFTEN!

  • The Power of Air   -   The GREATEST SHORTCUT  MrShortcut has ever found !

    In those who live longer, particularly those who live stronger for longer, their breathing patterns prove that there is value in focusing just a little bit more on this magical, powerful, best of all known resources

    • As a rule, they tend to breathe more intelligently than you do, in at least two different senses of the phrase. For an extended time I chose to smoke home-rolled cigarettes (1,600 chemicals NOT added to my lungs) and I can still blow a match out, with my mouth open, from a full twelve inches away. When I exhale, I do so thoroughly, ridding myself of far more toxins than five nonsmokers who don't breathe correctly. Don't bother continuing until you get this fantastically magical PowerGem into your head:
      Pushing more air out means more toxins out, more powerful oxygen in WITH EVERY BREATH!
      The instant power, the instant boost in creative solutions, the instant increase in your brain power, has never been exceeded or matched by any other substance on the planet. Your MEMORY even gets better, instantly, when you breathe more fully per breath. As vital to your very continuance of life, that's how immediately profound is the effect of measurably increased oxygenation. You take in more oxygen, your brain functions more efficiently AND creatively, which is why, since re-adopting this practice, I've been able to learn to play and compose for piano, guitar, and harmonica; create at least ten to twenty new columns and essays every week, along with 45 to 48 other regular activities per week where my output is no less than ten times what yours is. Iím not smarter than you; I simply breathe more, and you are tended the only absolute guarantee that has ever been known to Mankind:
      Increase the size and performance of your breathing cycle, and you instantaneously get smarter, healthier, more creative, more attractive internally and externally, to mention just the first few of a long list of benefits to pushing more dirty air out of your lungs, and more in - preferably through your nose. Some of these features and benefits display themselves within seconds; others may take up to a week before clearly showing themselves to be axiomatic.

      Every baby born knows how to breathe: all the way out; all the way in. By the age of 12 or so, when we become psycho-socio-sexually aware of ourselves, our breathing patterns become pitiful, and health-degenerative. An observable analogy might be the seven-year-old, who, hearing the teacher ask a question, is straining in the seat with arms waving, URGENTLY needing to display his or her knowledge to the teacher. At age 12, that same child is still sticking that arm in the air, with the enthusiasm muted by that unvoiced concern, "Oh, gee, I hope I donít get it wrong in front of everyone" (refer to Maslowís hierarchy of human needs: not being made a fool of is more important to us than a half-dozen other seemingly vital requirements). By age 17, when the teacher asks that question, both of the studentís hands are firmly tucked into the armpits, concomitant with the thought, "Ooooh, no; Iím not making a fool of myself in front of the class."
    • Giving Weight to WHOSE opinion?

    • Let's face it: We are so focused upon, so concerned about what other people are thinking about us that we go ahead and prioritize their opinion over our own well-being. NOT ONCE IN A WHILE; rather, as a matter of habit for most of us.

      When the boss or company is coming, you rush to make the house neat, and yourself presentable. When was the last time you rushed to make the house nice for your kids or spouse to come home to a thoroughly presentable environment?       And so it is with our reduction in proper breathing based on our emotional concerns about what other people are doing, saying, or einking.

    We allow small things to become magnified into anxiety-producing, respiration-reducing events that definitively accelerate aging, and a host of physical symptoms of that anxiety, which include back problems, stomach problems, kidney problems, skin lesions, and so many other physical challenges that you can rid yourself of in rapid, organized order.

    In effect, we relinquish control over crucial functions in subservience to other peopleís opinions, and that kills thousands and thousands and more thousands of Americans every month. You are free to pick from which cause of death you believe is more prevalent: death by poor stress management, or death by poor diet management. Either way, we're not talking about a mere hundred deaths per day, UNNECESSARY and premature deaths; we're talking about several thousand people dying every single day from heart disease, which is rarely congenital, and most often from poor stress or diet management, or, most often of all, a combination or excess of both.

    Based on the admittedly preconceived notion that you are overweight because of issues you may not yet be ready to deal with, it is still simple enough to use healthier shortcuts, in fact the healthiest shortcuts, to effect fast, powerful improvements by reverting back to the most basic of all human tools.

    Re-teaching yourself how to breathe properly is the first, and by far most effective shortcut you can take towards adding to the quantity and quality of your life; how long you live, and how well you live.
    If you take nothing else from these one million pages of wisdom taken from the smartest and highest-achieving humans, take this one with you, because no wisdom, no shortcuts, no friends in high places; NOTHING can ever hope to replace the raw power, intelligence, energy, creativity, problem resolution-focus, and more, that we get from this invisibly delicious substance called "air."
    Exhale completely, and inhale completely. If youíre that challenged by this vitally urgent requirement for a healthy life, challenged at the thought and deed of breaking out of your (ridiculously uncomfortable) comfort zone, then try one simple device and reap the benefits instantly, and within a day or two, measurably.

    The device?   It's called PRACTICE!  
    Almost precisely ninety percent of the people who read this will nod their heads and agree. They are the idiots, proven by the other ten percent, who nod their heads and take action.

    Right now, before you even make a commitment to do it ten times per day, start with once; start with the first occasion in too long. This moment, as you read this, force all of the air out of your lungs. When you think your lungs are emptyÖ think again; there are still AT LEAST two quarts of air left in your lungs that are dirty and in life-saving need of being replaced NOW.

    Keep pushing that air out. Keep pushing. Without a doubt, no matter how empty you think your lungs are, you can find more to push outÖ. And if you were offered a hundred grand to push more air out of your lungs than five other contestants next to you, youíll amaze yourself with how much exhalation youíre capable of.

    OK, youíve hit the point of being certain that thereís no more air in your lungs. Slowly, and evenly, breathe all the way in now, through your nose, refilling your lungs. Thatís it!!!

    Just once is all youíre asked to do. Once. In an hour or so, do it again. Obviously, itís best to do this outside, where youíre getting fresh air. Never mind all that city pollution: itís far healthier than the air you havenít even been breathing by virtue of the insanely shallow breaths youíve been taking for years!! Doing it inside, however, is fine, as long as youíre not in a room filled with smoke or chemical vapors.

    If I were you, Iíd be getting very excited, because, having read this far, it means you DO care enough to want to glean benefits from shortcuts, and guess what? This one PowerGem brings a slew of benefits you havenít even guessed at. Understanding "why" is just not that important when we see that our role models, our masters and champions, those who repeatedly lead... make use of what are referred to as "PowerGems."

    Understanding why is secondary...     ... recognizing the power of a piece of wisdom is first and foremost. Breathing more is a method and a shortcut, yes, a PowerGem, more potent than perhaps any other you've considered in life. Why? Because it works.

    Engaging in proper respiration -- which simply means breathing more, breathing deeply with every breath -- INSTANTLY boosts several brain functions, and for those who perform one really true and full respiration -- several times per day -- for the next 22 days? You will find that your thinking is clearer, faster, and by a powerful measure, more creative. This never fails, it works for one hundred percent of the people one hundred percent of the time. Yes, the more you breathe in and out per each lung function or lung cycle, the higher your intelligence grows.

    Nothing can change the fact that, from the precise day that I began breathing a bit more the way I did in my first year of life, my mind and body have responded far beyond what any examiner thought was viable, let alone likely. The very first day that you begin breathing more effciently, more fully, more, period, as in "more, more, more," is the very first day that you will obtain better results.

    Even if you use this PowerGem, this truly omnipotent shortcut only for letting more stress and tension dissolve out of your body with each exhalation, you are unconditionally and without restriction guaranteed to get results your very first day.

    How many products or services in the world today can guarantee that
    you live younger longer?

    No need to answer. Life, and the age that you look today, says more than enough, hm? Without a doubt, the way and amount that you breathe (PROPERLY BREATHE, not those shallow breaths too many of us persist in taking), the quality and quantity of your respiratory function is both voluntary, and more impactful than any other habit we're genetically wired to perform.

    Your brain requires only two forms of food: tiny amounts of glucose, and enormous amounts of oxygen. The more oxygen you feed the brain on a consistent basis, the more it produces for you. When you understand that your brain is working considerably faster, more creatively, and more efficiently, you never want to go back. Unfortunately, we are human, so we require a habit before it becomes second nature. Breathe all the way out, breathe all the way in, and watch the results. One great way to measure it is to write down a whacky wish you might have, and try to produce twenty ideas per day on it for five days. Practice better breathing for 22 days, and then try the "whacky wish" test again. You'll be astonished.

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