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Every event in your life can be dealt with from outside in or inside out. Positive, or negative.

Every response is a choice, whether good, bad, or indifferent. Just because you can't stop the wind from blowing does NOT mean you can't control which direction you will use the wind to blow you towards, hm?

If you offered me free SuperBowl tickets, you would receive no rise of excitement. There are many people would gladly pay $500 for a SuperBowl ticket. One man's meat is another man's poison. We move in the direction of our strongest and most repeated focus.

With every event that takes place, the outcome of the event is determined by how you process the event, how you choose to focus upon that event. Focus is like a flashlight. Widen the beam of light, what happens to the strength of the beam? It weakens, doesn't it?

Narrow the beam of light, and you see it get stronger.

It's identical to your mind in this respect:
When the beam is wide, it's weak; when it's narrow, it's strong.

That's worth repeating:

When the beam is wide, it's weak; when it's narrow, it's strong.

Your mind, and your flashlight, are interchangeable: the wider the beam, the weaker the focus, right? And, just as surely...
the weaker the results. True, or not?

Furthermore, whatever you focus upon, just like that flashlight or headlight, is what you're going to move towards. How about taking better control today? The instant something happens to upset you or anger you, just play the thousand-dollar game. If paid one thousand dollars per idea to list everything that's good about what just happened, you'd come up with a long list, wouldn't you?

Napoleon Hill helped to create many thousands of millionaires, because people understood his teaching that every human adversity contains seeds of equal and greater opportunity. How sad that you surely know this to be true, yet you don't bother to apply it regularly in your own life, do you?

Have you screamed at your kids today? On this very day two thousand parents will receive tragic news today regarding one or more of their children. You can have good memories, or regrets.

As always, and with everything human, what you choose to focus on will determine happy memories versus regrets.

Take better control of your focus today.
Look for opportunity, you will find it.
Can you grab onto the simple fact that when you dare to think bigger, bigger things occur?   Can you?   WILL you?   Now?

This is as certain as the sun's rising each day.

It's part of understanding why focus is the single most underrated, underutilized power or skill possessed by a human being. You are surrounded by opportunities virtually slapping you in the back of the head, yet you persist in performing the same way ... .... and therefore producing the same way. That's genuine insanity, at least according to the definition I have for insanity, which is, of course, doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting a different result. Picture that guy on the psychiatric hospital ward who continually walks into the wall, absolutely certain that the wall will make way with just one more try. the probabilities of your enjoying the fruit they offer depend on one thing only:   your  focus .

Focus is your ticket to a dream come true.

What many hundreds of masters and millionaires tell us, should we not listen to the masters and millionaires, along with the champions and billionaires, our best role models who are doing it better?

Begin this minute, you'll see results in a single day.     Guaranteed!

If you knew better, you'd do better.

If you knew better, you'd do better.

If you knew better, you'd do better.

If you knew better, you'd do better.

You can only prove this to be true or not through personal effort.

Better focus brings better results today.

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