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Golden Losers and Golden Winners - Turn It All Around

Louis Walcott played violin, classical violin, with such skill that what ws then the nation's premiere musical showcase, the Ted Mack hour, was on the show in the same week as Bobby Klein and his doo-wop band, the Teen Tunes.

Both of these acts lost to a one-armed piano player from Louisiana, who dazzled everyone with his high-speed playing of precise notes and chords.

Neither Louis nor Bob gave any indication that their careers were going anywhere. Disappointment was commonly shared in the loss, and each went his own way to build a life.

Robert Klein went on to become an internationally-known comedian, actor, and author. Louis Walcott took a different turn. After changing his last name to Frarrakan, he went on to become one of the nation's most compelling speaker. In his heyday, even people who reviled many of his thoughts who had never seen his face would universally respond to his televised messages. How many people rise to that level of true charisma, where you can electrify and inspire people positively even when they disagree with you!

Although his later years were less focused or directed towards any given achievement, for a period of more than ten years it might be said that he was the best in the country at firing up crowds. His logic, research, and energizing delivery repeatedly persuaded the minds of even staunch opponents, who folded under his presentation of raw truths, even as he wrapped them in observations that many found distasteful. Speakers such as him come along so rarely. How important it is to cultivate anyone and everyone around you who is articulate. More so with the nearly one hundred percent corruption of the 435 members of Congress.

Around you are people in their teens, twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, and even seventies who are simply great to listen to. They know what they want to say, they compress their thoughts into simple phrases, and add a personal color that's not so easy to describe even as it's so easy to listen to. The largest reason, although certainly not the only one, for these people being a pleasure to listen to is that, more often than not, their heart is in the right place. They enjoy human beings, and that's why they interact so well with you and I.

More than a few, though probably not an actual majority, are in sales or customer/client relations of some sort or another. They love to interact with people. They need to be encouraged and even exhorted into public service, because right now you have little more than a group of people who, whether they speak clearly or not, are ballsy enough to ask for your vote. Without exception, the single most perfect rule of life is that those who ask more receive more. "Perfect" because it applies to approximately one hundred percent of the humans who use it.

Note who these people are. Make it your business to tell them you like the way they communicate, and that the future of our nation undoubtedly rests in the hearts and hands and minds of such good communicators. Encourage them to find a place ot speak to a group of people, EVEN IF It's JUST FIVE OR SIX PEOPLE, at least to start. The rest will take care of itself as long as you continue to privately or publicly praise their postive traits of caring... and skill in sharing.

Because no human is capable of stopping those facets of life that are recognized as cycles, it's clear that big changes are a-coming. It's clear because dozens of smaller changes that have occurred in the past few decades are finally totting up into what is not exaggeratedly described as tectonic shifts in managing not only society, but in the ways you and your children and grandchildren live your lives.

Every great society, the whole big dozen that have come to pass thus far in human events, every and each of them have gone through their own cycles of birth, growth, decline, and death. Deny it all you wish. Hold up your hands as if to physically ward off the facts of life... and those facts still remain.

No rational human can viably state, from an objective viewpoint when possible, that we are in the birth stage or the growth stage. By no less than thirty separate categories, the decline is clearly defined in mathematical facts.

Thirtieth in life expectancy is just one many such indices. An infant death rate higher than Cuba's, let alone a dozen other so-called civilized nations are another. Highest health care costs and least efficient health-care system of the world's fifteen richest countries.

Tripling of cancer rates in just three decades, to where five hundred thousand die every year just in one country from cancer alone, thanks to the deadly cancer treatments that people so foolishly embrace despite the 94 to 98 percent failure rate for chemotherapy and the like.

Tripling of brain cancer rates with a perfectly accompanying tripling of cell phone use, because people are too profoundly ignorant to understand that the cumulative need not be awaited: every single cell phone call that includes a device being held to your ear is shooting horrible microwave irradiations into your brain, causing damage with every single phone call. You can argue this all day long and only prove that if you actually knew better, you'd certainly and provably do better. END NOTE: This tripling of brain cancer concomitant with tripling of cell phone use has been entirely restricted... ... to those who use cell phones. The brain cancer rate for those who do not use cell phones has not appreciably changed, not even by a full one percent, since 1981, when "car phones" felt the creep of cell phones entering the market.

For two hundred years, the nation moved slowly and surely and rather consistently towards money flowing downwards. The worker's income continued to rise. Today, consumer prices continue to outstrip increase in worker incomes for too many years in a row. The gap between rich and poor is now higher than at any time in our cycle. In the past fifteen great civilizations, the creation of vast gaps between rich and poor has immediately preceded the final decades of each civilization's ride on the high wheel.

It's wasteful to continue focusing on people who hold their hands up with, "No, no, no, you're wrong!" Not one German in ten thousand ever imagined that their government was rounding up Jews and gypsies and murdering them by the thousands. By the time they did know, what the German people did or did not do to stop it is immaterial to you saving a free nation. What's more vital are the tens of thousands of denials that flowed around the world during month after month after month of what would be repeated in Darfur, Bosnia, and other places, long after WWII.

In every case, entire populations held up their hands in front of their faces, palm outwards, as they told everyone who's listen that such ideas of mass massacres were ridiculous and impossible; holding their hands up in front of them as if physically capable of warding off the facts of life, the facts of descruction.

We ride that same vehicle now, with tens of thousands of denials flying and flowing around the world, even as neighbors who were "sold" by their neighbors for mere bounties of cash number in the thousands of those detained by the U.S. as alleged "combatants," although nine of every ten had never even seen, let alone handled a weapon in their lives.

The changes are imminent. The most constructive way to preserve at least some of what makes this nation great is to make it your business to invest at least five minutes per week, every week of your life, praising and seducing those who articulate themselves in a manner that meets up with your own attitudes and feelings.

How plainly can it be stated? Your congressman and congresswoman, YOUR state senators and senators who represent your state nationally, are thoroughly and unexceptionally self-interested and corrupt. Their perqs alone exceed your entire annual income, you idiot. Do you know what a "perq" is? It's a perquisite, a freebie that comes along with their job for ethically or financially justifiable reason. Your children and grandchildren have already been comprehensively robbed, and whether or not your pea-brain can understand it, they have spent and looted the entire national treasury. America no longer has ANY surplus money.

Thankfully, we have economists to throw numbers around with such dizzying intensity that only the rare few actually understand the accurate and misleading nature of their utterances.

If China cashed in her American bonds today, America woudl be bankrupt. Likewise the Saudis, which is the single simplest explanation of how one and only one family in America can show they've received 1,400 very distinct millions of dollars from the Saudi royal family and the Bin Laden family. You can like or dislike these facts, and only a fool can ignore their import.

America desperately needs honest people to run for office. What can we say to you today, good people who believe in looking out for your neighbors as you look out for your own interests? What words can we employ, what questions can we ask you that will suffice to have you allow us to run YOU for office to supplant this corosively rotten Congress?

How many of our better speakers and thinkers care enough about their own children and grandchildren to get up off their under-exercised gluteals and go to work for the rest of us? We'll pay you decently, respect you today and honor you after you're gone, leaving behind a name and body of achievements that outlast you, that keep your grandchildren grateful to be your descendants.

Please. Save our nation. Run for office today! Invite six or ten or twenty people to your house in the next ten days to listen to your thoughts and to produce group suggestions for fixing the many things that are going wrong.

Stop relying on people who prove day after day that they care for themselves and their own opportunities more than they even consider your interests. Please, help save our nation. Run for office today.

You know, Louis and Robert took very different paths to life. Isn't it funny thought, that they both achieved more than adequate financial independence for themselves and their families... while performing public service. Never mind the silly objections you just thought regarding at least one of these two! How well do I know you and the limitations of your infuriatingly limited mental process. That's why I beg you with large chunks of my heart to expand your brain and your mental processes right now in these next sixty seconds.

These two "golden losers" are mentioned here as a form of trap. Of course you're going to fall into the trap. The trap is that, those who like Robert Klein are likely to revile Louis Farrakan, and vice-versa, although you're wrong in both cases.

You see, Klein kept people laughing, a vitally critical resource, and also kept them abreast of scores and scores of different social issues.

Farakan, on the other hand, used his empowering impulses and focused them more directly on social issues, seeking to engage people more directly than Klein.

Fact is, they both stood up. They both had the courage to put themselves at risk of ridicule by standing in front of others and speaking their mind.

What are you doing today that entitles you to poke fun, ridicule, or scorn at either of these people whose ultimate biographies will show that they succeeded at a far larger number of self-assigned tasks than you? What are you doing today that will make a better difference? As always, what you do speaks so loudly from the moment you arise to the moment you sleep today... that no words are necessary. We know, because we see what you're doing... and not doing. So, go ahead, and either run for office or encourage someone else who's honest and well-spoken.

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