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Whether earning online income, pursuing basketball,baseball, or some other sport; writing books, becoming an actor or poltician or teacher,you have thousands of human skills and resources to use. We'd like to teach you, or at least remind you,how to use more of the resources already at your disposal. Within 100 days, you can expect fantastic, unprecedented results in your life, boosting productivity with powergems from MrShortcut.
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  • Sign a contract with yourself to remain a nonsmoker.

  • If you think you need professional help, see your doctor. He or she can provide extra motivation for you to stop smoking. Your doctor may also prescribe nicotine gum or a nicotine patch as an alternative source of nicotine while you break the habit of smoking.

    Marking Progress

    • Each month, on the anniversary of your quit date, plan a special celebration.

    • Periodically, write down new reasons you are glad you quit, and post these reasons where you will be sure to see them.

    • Make up a calendar for the first 90 days. Cross off each day and indicate the money you saved by not smoking.

    • Set other, intermediate target dates, and do something special with the money you have saved.
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