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Fight Fair -- Dr. Phil Says Fighting Style Predicts Divorce

There are a number of ways in which adults conduct their arguments: based on logic, based on emotion, etc. One of the three most efficient shortcuts for determining in advance whether a couple will marry or divorce is to watch how they argue. The accuracy of this predictor is phenomenal.

There are those who fight intelligently, and those who fight, frankly, with an almost identical state of mind as a child age four or less. Don't underestimate this comparison: that's because adults who argue this way are, in the flow of chemicals and emotions within their bloodstream, regressing into the state of mind of a child under the age of four.

Even Phillip C. Mcgraw, a "stunt psychologist" occasionally gets something right. He claims that he can tell with 90 percent accuracy whether a married couple is going to divorce within five years based on how they end a fight. "It's not whether you fight or not, but how you fight," McGraw said on Good Morning America. "The No. 1 question I would ask is how do they end their fight?"

When there is genuine resolution to the argument, it is easier to move on with life, and accomplish more new things each day. Until and unless outstanding issues are dealt with and tucked away, there is little or no room left for new issues,

Real and Relevant - WHEN YOU ARE ARGUING, STICK TO THE SUBJECT "It appeared to me that you could take any subject, and you wouldn't even break stride," McGraw advised one couple. "Isn't it true that when you're fighting about everything, you are fighting about nothing?" the woman agreed. So did the husband.

Keep it real and keep it relevant. Fighting can be a great tension release, and good for a relationship, if done properly. That means sticking to the present and not bringing up old grudges. "Fight about those things that really count; that are personally important to you. Do not major in minors.

Often one partner will disguise what the issue really is. If a root, deep-down subject is something that we tend to be overly sensitive to or self-conscious about, it's so easy to lay down smoke, arguing about something that has no connection with what's bothering you. A wife who's hurt or upset about not getting enough attention or affection is likely to create an argument about money or the children or something that does not address that spouse's personal grievance or fear. If a husband or wife, a girlfriend or boyfriend is feeling rejected, they are less likely to say so than they are to bring in an unrelated issue, using that issue as a vent, and internally, childishly hoping that the other spouse will figure out what is really wrong. Beyond illogical, this constructs a whopping obstacle so like a huge boulder in the road, so identify what is bothering you, and bring it out.

Getting Nasty - When you raise an issue by verbally (or otherwise) attacking your spouse, you begin with a guarantee that they will NOT be cooperative in giving you what you want. STOP NOW and consider that. When you begin the conversation attacking your spouse, you guarantee they will NOT be cooperative in giving you what you want

When something unpleasant comes out of our mouth, we are virtually assured of receiving a response that is just as biting… correction, a response that goes a little bit further In The Masters and Millionaires Tao "I'll hurt you back" department. One of the constant factors that all of us can observe in relationships filled with arguments is the fact that, each time there is an argument, each party tries to go a little bit further in the insult and verbal slap, illogically hoping that the other person will be so stung by the barb or verbal slap that they instantly give in. In all of human history, we've never seen an example of this working. That is why it is both illogical, and as mentioned above, childlike in its anti-thinking mindset. Reduce the insults; they make the speaker sound shrewish, and reduce the likelihood of the "attacked" person responding in kind.

Couples shouldn't fight in front of the children. Experts, studies, and certainly life itself, have conclusively proven that, more than just about anything else you might ever do, the way that couples treat each other in front of their babies and young children will determine whether the child grows up well-adjusted or filled with anger and self-esteem issues.

REPETITION. Too many people get stuck like a broken record repeating an argument endlessly. They rarely win, and when they do, it comes with emotional damage that can be expected to remain internally felt forever.

In order for the argument to be usefully effective, it certainly has to end without one person doing a character assassination on the other. When you say something nasty, it stays in memory, just as the child irrevocably learns from the examples of the parent. Regardless of your opinion on the subject, or any of our opinions, children rarely do as they are told, rather, they do precisely what they are shown.

When we stop saying "ME" all the time, and learn to say "We" a bit more often, the results are fast, & effective.






Those ten words are central to the Masters and Millionaires Tao.
They are among the foundations of the Masters and Millionaires Tao.
Focus on the blame or responsibility, if you wish, or focus on solutions.
Focus on what is broken that bothers you most, or focus on getting it fixed.
This is a magical and even mystical secret of the ages for all of humanity to use.
Do you understand that focusing on resolution is among the best of all your powers?

Guess what? The Masters and Millionaires Tao has a bit of news for you:


Knowing even this magic secret of success that works for everyone,
has little value until you prove to understand it, too, by using it repeatedly.
Anything worth knowing is worth using a hundred, and a thousand times over.
Today is very truly the first day of the rest of your life, so you are invited to use it more.
The Masters and Millionaires Tao is your never-ending effort to get one or more percent better.
Fighting fair is just one of the many tricks and secrets of success that tend towards resolution.
Fighting fair means you both get to walk away with the satisfaction of having achieved something.
If you do not progress, where is the sense of wasting your most precious possesions, your seconds?

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Fighting fairly is more natural to the human race than one might imagine.

This is one of the core differences between animals and human beings.
Does it mean that one is gullible to believe that fighting fair is honorable?

Are we too impressionable in supporting the belief that fighting fair is ethical?
Ethics are core to the Masters and Millionaires Tao and Way to Aging Gracefully,
so you need not think that you are promoting a dishonorable campaign in this.
Fighting fair gives credit to you, and to whomever raised you to believe in "right."

Doing the right thing is our built-in response, not kicking another when down is another.

Whoever it was that taught you to give a fighting chance to anyone that you are fighting... was right:
Right to teach you this way, presumably by the way they comported themselves, and right to pass it on.

Of course, the fastest way to win a fight is to agree with your putative adversary's grievance, first and foremost.
This is how to open the communication lines that characteristically lead toward mutually beneficial resolutions.
The Masters and Millionaires Tao presents this way of arguing, debating, fighting, as one very powerful shortcut.
In no way is the Masters and Millionaires Tao explicitly stating or even subtly suggesting forms of submission.
What the Masters and Millionaires Tao repeats is the need to open the lines of reparation and resolution.
You can find places in the middle to meet, to negotiate, to compromise, when the doors are open.

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It appears that no one in this lifetime truly rises to the top of their personal or professional ladders without help.
Even successful businesses have to admit that they could not deliver if not for taxpayer-funded infrastructure,
from the roads we travel to the electricity that we use, and thousands of other "behind-the-scenes" realities.
From fighting fair to raising a child (not infrequently overlapping), to being the greatest bicycle rider of all,
we simply cannot be expected to hit our highest notes, or achieve our greatest triumphs, all alone.
Understanding this is more than possession of knowledge, it is Masters and Millionaires Tao -useful,
meaning it is so universal, so productive, that it is well worth using all across your many endeavors.
For example, finding a dozen or a hundred people doing whatever it is you would be best at, role models!
These are people you can solicit guidance or suggestions or even direct mentorship from, when you ask them.
The Masters and Millionaires Tao and Way to Aging Gracefully recognize that you are too afraid to ask many of them,
just because you recognize not that these people predominantly started out at your level, if not a good deal lower!
You apparently do not realize that successful people FREQUENTLY love to help other people achieve their own goals.

How can YOU know until you heed the Masters and Millionaires Tao suggestion to contact the people whom you most admire?
The most you can offer is an opinion, and 99% of all opinions are 100% worthless without knowledge and repeat experience.

Learn more so that you can earn more, so that you can live more, and, perhaps, give more to help the most helpless among us.
Take the Masters and Millionaires Tao and Way to Aging Gracefully unto yourself, from fighting fair, to thousands of other useful goals.

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