With hundreds of requests for a list of MrShortcut's favorite sites and designs, people are asked to understand that when a fellow creates several hundred thousand unique web pages on 1,089 separate websites, they are like children, and it's not easy to pick the favorites, especially when we consider that they;re all the result of the greatest shortcuts of masters millionaires, champions and billionaires.

That being said, there are some that might be counted as "favorite websites of MrShortcut."

Mostly because they focus on the truly powerful and effective success shortcuts of role models, these amazing Champions and Other Honest Role Models, and partly because they are interactively fun for visitors, particularly those who are curious enough to find some of the "hidden eyecandy treats," these might be counted among MrShortcut's personal favorites of EyeCandy and PowerGems.

MastersandMillionaires.com, Success-Shortcuts.US, Mister-Shortcut.US, MisterShortcut.com, AmazingHealth.US, and possibly Healthiest.ws, MisterShortcut.com,and MisterShortcut.net,are to be counted as being among the "cutest" websites.   As far as pure EyeCandy goes, the list would certainly include: MisterShortcut.org, MisterShortcut.US, MrShortcut.net, MrShortcut.org, MrShortcut.US, and Shortcut.ws.

As a direct result of the stunning effectiveness of the Bodyscan, MrShortcut believes that Healthiest.ws, HowToCureCancers.com, HowToCureCancers.com, and MisterShortcut.US are of vital importance. Therefore, a bit of extra effort went into making these sites even more attractive than would be expected of what at first glance may appear to be "merely commercial" websites. They are certainly more than just websites; they are personal commitments to empowering people to empower themselves.

The Bodyscan is more than moderately likely to alter your life not much less than profoundly (a well-read printout of the Bodyscan will produce more useful and accurate information for you than ten of the world's greatest diagnosticians in the world have a hope of producing, even if they were all together in the same room). Galvanic skin response has long been recognized as being as close to unlimited in its ability to correctly read information from the human body than anything we've ever encountered. Even gene sequencing has a long way to go before we can use it as we use the Bodyscan to determine what is off-balance, what needs support. For these reasons, several of MrShortcut's Bodyscan websites are a part of this list of favorites, because MrShortcut LOVES anything that empowers people to empower themselves in order to live stronger and longer, to live healthier and happier. It's likely that, the better and happier you live, the more likely you are to help other people, such as feeding starving people in many, MANY countries with free clicks - NO CHARGE TO YOU!.