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What Goes In Must Come Out

The mechanical portion of your mind is influenced by external events. That means your results are based on what you put in, just like a computer or any other cybernetic device. Garbage in, garbage out, whereas useful information in tends to produce useful information going out. Anytime a diluted benefit or a noxious toxin comes in, it's foolish to think that the brain merely discards it. One million and two hundred thousand Americans diagnosed with cancer in 2004, and nearly 1,200,000 expected in 2005 are living testament that failure to process what's coming in for the purpose of discarding what's bad leads to catastrophic failure of the system.

No one's trying to tell you that bad thoughts will cause you to drop dead, although eat has been known to happen.
A girl of just sixteen was baby-sitting for someone in our town in Jersey one evening. When the parents of her charges came home, they found the babysitter on the kitchen floor, very dead, and her hair which had been jet black, had turned pure white, from scalp to ends. Her death was ruled to be a natural one, because the coroner determined that she died of a massive heart attack.

Since she had no history of heart problems, and because of her hair turning white, it's obvious that something literally scared her to death. And, while this is an isolated case, one of who knows how many hundreds per year, it is clear to anyone but a dolt that she did not truly die of natural causes. She died of some type of mental poison.

For most of the many tens of millions of people who will be diagnosed with cancer or heart disease in the next ten years, death will not occur in an instant. It will take place over a period of many months and years of toxins and poisons being ingested. Do not be foolish enough to think that only physical toxins have a physically toxic effect on the body, because nothing could be further from the truth. Anger, frustration, disappointment, and especially the most elevated levels of anger and hurt, expressed through rage, are far more likely to reduce both the quality and the quantity of your life far, even infinitely more than most of the definably toxic food products we take in regularly. The sooner you understand that your mind and thoughts are just as influential upon your health, and how strong you live, as well as how long you will likely live, you're going to experience benefits in as little as one day.

For example, have you ever been in a highly stressful situation where someone had the brains - perhaps yourself - to tell you to take a mental step or even a physical step back from the crisis or stressful situation, just to take a deep breath and get your bearings? If you're like most people, you've done so at least a couple of times in your life... and each time, every time you have done so, you ended up resolving or moving past the challenge with a better frame of mind, a more empowering mindset, true or not? Hasn't this happened with you?

In these instances, your "taking a step back," and even more so when you took a deep breath, almost instantaneously improved your perspective, which became more seasoned, more rational, and most importantly, better attuned to finding an answer. Rather than fretting, fuming, and virtually tearing your hair out in frustration while getting little or nothing useful accomplished, you consciously altered the outcome with an identified effort (shortcut). That better frame of mind did not occur accidentally: you caused your brain to go into that better state with nothing more than a good, long, deep breath.

The same applies to food. There is no accident in the growing toxicity of your mind and body. When you eat a chicken that has never seen relaxing blue skies, has never played in the dirt with its siblings or mother nearby, never eaten a healthy meal itself, why do you not understand that the poisons and toxins going into that chicken are what you're going to take into your own body? When did you suddenly lose your ability to rationally review such things as what you put into your body and how it's going to affect you in both the short and long terms?

Feed that chicken good chicken feed and clean water, make sure that chicken gets sunshine and yes, quality family time, and you not only get a better-tasting chicken, which has been conclusively and repeatedly proven, you get a healthier chicken that is more likely to provide you with good nutrition rather than antibiotics so dangerous to humans your doctor is not allowed to prescribe them to you.... but the chicken producers in America have permission to "prescribe it" for you via chicken giblets and breasts and legs and thighs. Since food is nothing more and nothing less than energy, why do you think that a chicken who's never "laughed and played in the sun" has a chance of giving you nutrition?

In the Jewish religion, it's believed that chicken and cattle are actually happy that you are eating them, because the animal itself is fulfilling its purpose and mission on earth. The problem with that is that you have to eat a happy chicken in order to get the benefits, of both physically measurable and non-measurable dimensions. So if you believe that a well-raised chicken who lived its natural life before being slaughtered for you is going to provide you with good nutrition when you eat it, then you are surely smart enough to recognize that eating a miserable chicken cannot possibly provide you with the expected benefits. Everything is ultimately equaled out in life. the only advanced science you need to learn is that no energy is destructible. Do you understand that? When you punch a tree, that energy does not stop; it simply passes from your body into the tree, into the ground, and comes out somehow and somewhere else. This is infallible, unchanging. What goes up must come down. What goes around must come around. As Newton put it, every action in the universe has an equal and opposite reaction.

When you ingest toxically negative energy from that chicken, caused by his poor diet, overexposure to antibiotics and feces, and lack of a natural life, you better know what you're taking into yourself.

If satisfying your craving for garbage food pleases you, just think how unpleased you will be with hundreds and hundreds of expensive, stressful, life-draining medical appointments you are guaranteed to experience and suffer as long as you continue to feed poison into your body, whether it's the physical poison of a fish packed with PCB's, or a hamburger from Burger King which has dozens of chemicals in it specifically and expressly designed to make that fake burger taste more like beef. You didn't know that, did you? Taking it one step further, that means you also labor under the utterly false illusion that all food products have to have an INGREDIENTS label that lists all the ingredients. NOT SO.

Your elected representatives have authorized food manufacturers to include some truly horrible things into your foods. How horrible? Good question. they're so horrible that they don't have to be listed on the ingredients label. How many? That's an even better question. The answer may stagger you.   More than FIFTEEN THOUSAND chemicals are now on the list of obviously toxic chemicals that NO LONGER NEED TO BE LISTED ON THE INGREDIENTS LABEL!! Surprised, are you?

Jack is easily the most famous fitness guru of all time. He was the first fitness instructor on television, and the first to create an entire chain of fitness centers bearing his name. In his nineties, Jack still does fifty pushups and sit-ups per day, and he does them better than you do. Regarding diet, he states he has always had one and only one rule for food: "If man made it, don't eat it."

Now, you're human, and you're frail and weak, and it's understood that you just can't resist these poisonous foods. It's a prime function of the weak mind. Fine. If you're really that bad off, there are still things you can do to stave off some of the nasty things that you're assured of experiencing when you continue such bad diet habits. First, if you're going to eat something that you know is not particularly healthy - when you're willing to be honest, that is - go ahead and eat it, but FIRST eat a green pepper or piece of celery or fennel or even a handful of lettuce. In every single case you will significantly reduce the ability of those toxins to negatively impact your body. This also has several other benefits for you, if you can't afford to buy natural digestive enzymes to be eaten with cooked food, particularly animal products. That lettuce or celery or other green vegetable fiber is far more effective than a dozen pharmceuticals that pretend to aid digestion, every one of which has nasty or physically horrid side effects. No known exceptions.

Secondly, if you're going to eat whatever it is that you shouldn't be, reduce your portion by ONE BITE.   One.   Surely you can handle that?

That's right. Reducing your "bad food" intake by even one bite of each portion of damaging food means at least a five percent reduction in toxic effect just from this one neat trick, and who knows, maybe next week you'll reduce some of your portions by just one additional bite once you feel the advantages of doing so.

Third, whoever you are, it's nearly a giat you're not taking in enough clean water. Since you lack sufficient care for yourself to drink eight ounces of water every waking hour of your life, and although that one change will alter your health significantly while improving at least nineteen functions of the body, we can both accept that you're a weakling, and rather self-destructive, we'll settle for just two or three extra glasses of water per day. That's it, just two or three more glasses of water per day and WHAM! Your digestion improves, your waste elimination improves, your skin improves, your brain works better, your blood flows more efficiently, delivering a greater level and quality of nutrients to your entire system via the blood. Your breath will smell better, your body's sugar metabolism becomes more stable, and those are just some of the many, literally many benefits of drinking more clean water.

What goes in is what comes out. It applies to computes, it applies to food, it applies to water, air, and, quite possibly most of all, it applies to what you place inside of your mind and heart; along with what you allow out of your mind and heart and body. Toxins are toxins are toxins. So whether it's the horrible things they add to fast food to make them taste better while further interfering with the body's ability to process these foods, which reduces the nutrition your body takes from such foods, causing you to desire more of the food even faster with each new chemical, or whether it's the words of anger and resentment, jealousy or materialistic frustration, make no mistake that toxins are toxins are toxins.

Mental, physical, emotional. Three coigns of vantage for a human to look out at the world from.

At no time does a clear or rational thinker believe that there is benefit to be obtained from anything that's either not natural or heavily-processed. Remember that Jack in his nineties enjoys more and better living each day than you do because he refuses to eat man-made garbage.

If your body and your mind are not properly nutrified, or given proper nutrition, then satisfaction is an impossible dream, not even a goal, because your body and mind and soul do indeed have requirements.

When we fail to provide these necessary items, it is only logical to grasp that breakdown of the system, while not complete in a single day, does continue with each single day that contains more toxins and crappy food products.

When you frown, you're using forty-six facial and neck muscles. When you smile, it only takes twenty-three muscles. Those smiles not only engage your immune system instantly, boosting your ability to repel aggressive or inimical substances in the body, they also clear some of that nasty "smoke" in your brain made up of either nasty thoughts or yellowish, nasty bilious liquid that collects in the brain.

When you breathe deeply, you boost the immune system, and engage the resolution portion of your mind, located in the frontal cortex and working exclusively to resolve problems and challenges it is given. All of your problems and challenges are funnelled through this portion of your brain, and you're wise to see that it gets better nutrition, i.e.: more and better water, air, and food.

You can take food supplements if you like, and when they're natural they help the body to perform. Ignore the cleansing of toxicity within your mind and you can be sure your money on natural food supplements is wasted. It's a bifurcated effort; each branch must be fed and handled. If you're smart enough to be putting better things into your body as you become more aware of what's good and what's not good to ingest, then surely you're smart enough to understand the critical importance of stress management, and creative solutions to the challenges that occur in every human life. It's life and death!

Ask yourself better questions, especially when you're angry or disappointed or frustrated. Just shut your mouth, take a long, deep breath, enjoy a glass of water while telling yourself that the water will help you to resolve whatever's vexing you, and ninety-nine times for every one hundred, you will get better, faster, more satisfying results... from your body as well as your soul and your brain. This is not rah-rah motivational Psychology. These are facts of biology which haven't changed for thousands of years, and remain highly unlikely to change now for you just because you wish it so.

For the ninety-three of every hundred who are too profoundly stupid to fight their own insane addictions to materialism and shopping or putting poisonous materials on your skin in the vain deception that you'll be more attractive, no one really cares much about you, and that's okay. For the seven of every one hundred who are capable of thinking beyond themselves, you're in for a wonderful string of good luck just from investing even tiny efforts into putting better things into you, and allowing better things, including better thoughts, to come out of you. What goes in does come out; good, bad, or indifferent. What a great opportunity for you to use the magnificent and exclusive power of humans, the power to determine a destination and the path that will take you there.

If your smile is less than sunny, we know your life is miserable, just treading water until you die. If your smile is big and fat and happy, you can expect better health as a natural consequence of your healthy attitudes and moods Misery and anger and lack of fulfillment are not natural attributes. Happiness and pursuing worthy goals ARE natural functions, hugely helped by good things coming and going. If you're that committed to allowing external opinions and information and events to rule a large portion of your life, choose better influences! Use even five or six minutes per day drinking information from cleaner, brighter sources, those who are doing it better, doing it ethically, because they invariably share their best secrets. They're secure in how they feel. Unlike most of us, those who achieve the most are least likely among the populace to have their lives or their goal-paths significantly disrupted by external events. That's why masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires are our best teachers. They talk less, and do more, unwilling to subordinate their opinions and beliefs to others unless that other person is doing it better and more often.

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