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Sleeping and the Masters Path of Winning
Let's Talk Less and Do More, ey?
If the sleeping shortcuts are actually intentional, they come from an influence outside our own. That should provide NO obstacle to your tapping into this magnificent "finding" of thousands of additional hours in which to live, love, pursue, and achieve.

By the time we're 21, we can expect to have invested at least eight to ten of those years working very hard at the human practice known as sleeping. Think about it. Even as an adult, where each day may find you preparing for sleep, arising from sleep, or actually sleeping... for a full 480 minutes per day.

Whew! That means at age 27, you've already slept away 9 years of your life. At 36, you've slept 12 years; at 45, you have slept fifteen years. This is, to those who determine to excel, those who decide to make this day more productive than yesterday, an unacceptable waste. Obviously, we need sleep; at least most of us. the question is, how can we increase the quality of our sleep by an amount sufficient to naturally lower the quantity of sleep required for a healthy life.

I was very grateful for my insomia. By the age of 27, it's fair to estimate that I had already enjoyed an extra four years of travelling, dating, climbing, playing, working, etc. At 42, the majority of us have slept for a whopping 14 years. In that time, there's little chance I slept more than six years. Those additional years, comprised of some two and a half thousand ADDITIONAL days of living, loving, laughing (and crying), all included at no extra charge.

At 42, the insomnia disappeared, and I suddenly "required" up to six hours of sleep per day. What to do, what to do? Again, the question kept coming back to: How can we increase the quality of our sleep by an amount sufficient to naturally lower the quantity of sleep required? So, the PowerGem is universal: find people doing it better and find out how they do it. Duplicate the recipe, you duplicate the result.