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DarkerChocolate as a keyword for dark delights involving not just any chocolates, particularly the darkest of chocolate candy delights, mostly sans sugar.
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For starters, dark chocolate appears to be, for the most part, a product of slavery. STOP AND CONSIDER THIS.

If you are buying your dark chocolate, whether it's the darkest of chocolates or the most toxic of milk chocolates
(The Masters Longevity Book knows of no healthy milk chocolate unless you produce with your own organic cow),
your body perceives, even if your conscious mind does not, that you are eating chocolate produced by slaves. Ouch.
When you buy good chocolate, meaning slave-free chocolate, ESPECIALLY when it's among the darkest chocolates,
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Producing darkest chocolate is not the same as producing dark chocolate. The range is GINORMOUS ("i" rhyming with "eye") from 40 percent to 100 percent.
It would seem, from the coign of vantage of the Masters Millionaires Tao, that forty percent does NOT, not ever, qualify a candy as "dark chocolate."
When we see advertisements for "darkest chocolates" turn out to be pure scam, it can no more than temporarily disappoint the chocoholic.
Those who enjoy the darkest chocolate will, at some point, find the darkest chocolate that is both slave-free and darkest chocolate.
Imitations do not cut the mustard with afficionados of the darkest chocolate, although mustard can go with dark chocolate.
Go ahead, surprise yourself. Take some hot Chinese mustard, and try it with the darkest chocolate. Oh, yum!

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Darker Chocolate Pretty Much Says It All...
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Dark to darkest chocolate in the most chocolate of all these lands,
darker and darkest chocolates delight when they melt within our hands.
Much of the darkest of most darkest chocolates, are tilled by enslaved hands,
when you eat uncertified darkest chocolate, you only serve to tighten those bands.
The bands on the darkest people, living in the darkest of times - real, live, actual slaves...
so you're invited to take the darkest, dim view, of the darkest chocolates which has been by slaves hewn.

The Masters Millionaires Tao aims to be the Darker Chocolate Capital of the Internet.

In searches related to darker chocolate, visitors are generally redirected to search findings related to dark chocolate,
sometimes merely darkest chocolates, with, apparently, no "happy medium" of darker chocolates, which is surely strange,
since we can fairly well assume that many people are searching for the benefits of darker chocolates, reviews of taste,
and, bottom line of them all, the best or most affordable or most reliable sources for buying darker chocolates.

So, in searching for websites, or chocolate-related websites for information relating to darker chocolates,
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the best websites for presenting us with opportunities to purchase the healthiest darker chocolates.

Until then, the Masters Longevity Book and Masters Millionaires Tao present chocolate domains.
Maintaining even keel in edification & entertainment, the darker chocolate balance is sought.
Each one is memorable, easily rendered brandable by the virtue of their descriptive names,
specifically fully-developed websites that are already competing for "darker chocolate,"
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Striving for identified search engine listings solicited and sought by chocolatiers,
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Higher rankings for, for example, "darker chocolates," right?

Wait, Wait, Doesn't The Masters Longevity Book Approve Of Darker Chocolates For Health?

Yes, there are many benefits to eating darker chocolates,
versus milk chocolate, which is clearly toxic to us.
There is no such thing as healthy milk chocolate,
not in a day and age where milk is so "troubled.

The darker the chocolate, the higher the benefit.
The catch is to keep consumption to a lower level,
not shoveling large chunks of darker chocolate down.
As usual, this is nothing new to be braggadicious about.
Learning that darker chocolate is healthy is no revelation.
Scientists long ago proved darker chocolate health benefits.
Antioxidants, polyphenols, and more, all in darker chocolates.
As for WHICH brands of darker chocolates are healthiest to buy,
that's one rub the Masters Longevity Book became very aware of.
This is because you have good companies getting "too" successful.
It seems that, all across the universe of merchants and commerce,
success has a habit of breeding contempt for the loyal customer.
This, too, is nothing new for someone of your sophistication,
you have seen it before so many times with big companies,
those that were small and hungry, and succeeded rapidly.
They rise right to the top of the ladder of their industry,
"somehow" forgetting consumers who put them there.
Ergo, for the healthiest darker chocolates, search.
Search the minds of your friends and relatives,
consult search engines on darker chocolates

Conclusions of Masters Longevity Book Shapetalk, at least as it refers to darker chocolates.
When you find the brands of darker chocolate brands that you like, stock up, store in cool place.
Masters Longevity Book opinion on Hershey's dark chocolate? False claims of being a dark chocolate.
For the Masters Longevity Book enthusiast, dark chocolate means no less than eighty-eight percent pure.
No one assisting in research for Masters Longevity Book findings can find anything close from Hershey.
That is not to say that Hershey did not provide many of us with a thousand or more happy minutes,
the minutes of childhood gobbling down the whole gamut of candy products from Hershey's.

The issue is that we now know how toxic to the body milk chocolate proves to be.
We know full and well now that darker chocolates means very high percentages,
not the pitiful levels of what may count as merely "hints" of chocolate.
No, darker chocolate, vis-a-vis your Masters Longevity Book view,
means darker than fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty percent cocoa.

Dove chocolate, again, just an opinion, genuine garbage, unfit for the Masters Longevity Book.
The sugar alone, which cancels ALL hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which is vital to life,
is the reason why Dove Chocolates do not make the Masters Longevity Book list here,
and is in no way considered to be a part of any of the darker chocolate families.

Regarding Ghirardelli Chocolate
Is there a dark chocolate from Ghirardelli? The Masters Longevity Book notes they CLAIM to purvey dark chocolate,
yet, no store visited in New York or New Jersey selling Ghirardelli candy products had anything "dark chocolate."
As with Hershey's putative dark chocolates, and Dove's claim of dark chocolates, nothing is close to being "dark."
Perhaps looking for ways to stir up your own darker chocolate creations, maybe from dark chocolate recipes available online?

There must be many hundreds of great recipes for making healthy, darker chocolate recipes at home in your own kitchen.
When you experiment with this recipe and that, you may end up with half a dozen darker chocolate recipes that meet your standard.

With respect to ingredients for any recipes calling for darker chocolates, they are easy enough to find most everywhere.
As to the health benefits and other corollary benefits of consuming healthier, darker chocolates, go for yours!

Darker Chocolate Masters Longevity Book Part Five

Continuing with reviews of dark chocolates, and candified products from companies that claim to be selling darker chocolates:

GreenAndBlacks - If you like the str... better make that "unusual" taste of Green and Blacks allegedly dark chocolate,
you are, most likely, responding to the sugar, what appears to be very high, very toxic levels of sugar.
Even if Green and Black's use sugar that is not bleached, sugar is sugar is sugar, and promotes diabetes, for starters.

As to the Delicious Green & Black's luxury chocolates, not a one tasted good to any of nineteen taste-testers. What does that say?
Noting that Green and Black's does claim to be organic, meaning that a more natural form of sugar is used, versus bleached,
the Masters Longevity Book reminds all visitors that adding sugar to chocolate alters the chemical make-up of the chocolate.
No self-respecting embrace of Masters Longevity Book values and approaches is going to eat chocolate made with all that sugar.

Organic chocolate gifts are among the most delightful presents to exchange with friends and loved ones.
A number of French companies have chocolate gifts comprised of darker chocolates that look, test, and taste great.

You see, the bottom line of any chocolates, from milk chocolates to dark chocolates to darker and even darkest chocolates,
When you learn how to do Quantum Reflex Analysis with a friend or family member or colleague, WOW!
It only takes about a second to test any substance on earth for its levels of energetics: ANY!!
This can and should rapidly resolve any questions you have about a brand of darker chocolates.

Richart chocolates, supposedly gourmet chocolate designed in Frnace by real chocolate lovers, may be good.
Lindt chocolates seemed both grainy, and over-burdened with sugar. Opinion: NOT a darker chocolate, sorry.

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