Just A Cup Of Coffee

Eighty-Cents For A Cup of Coffee From A Twenty-Dollar Bill Ė The Masters and Millionaires Tao

Imagine entering a shop and receiving your cup of coffee. In this case, what you think of as healthy natural additive flavoring is actually artificial, and indisputably not aimed at boosting your health. Additionally, it has a substance which requires only five seconds in the stomach to cancel out all of the hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which directly and instantaneously prevents the liver from releasing at least twenty-eight life-critical enzymes. This STOPS the gallbladder in its tracks so that zero bile is released into the food. The last of these three alone stops the human body from digesting food and it also and separately prevents the body from withdrawing any nutrition from whatever other food is being enjoyed at the time. Wait, wait, you are nowhere near done with this experience.

In addition to all this, the owner of the shop, seeing that you have no problem paying eighty cents for a pennyís worth of coffee in a two-penny cup. Before you can pay for the coffee, he changes the price to a dollar. Heís now reaching into the area of criminal levels of profit. No, dear, he sees you and he knows you are a sucker. Pay careful attention now.

As he accepts the twenty dollars you hand him, having no smaller bills, he decides you are such a sucker that he announces to you with such lugubrious sorrow on his face that youíre afraid he may burst into tears, that you and the rest of the many customers have to pay an additional dollar for each cup you buy because he wants a car that costs three hundred thousand dollars.

In order to make sure that he gets enough suckers into his shop, he does not wait for you to reply. Instead, he says, "I also have to charge you another additional dollar for each cup to pay for advertising."

Because you are still standing there, he realizes that you have no limits; that you are in that percentile of people who are actually falling for all of this, so he then says as his hits the cash register buttons, and yes, he still has that crease of mourning saddening his brow, "Forgive me, but since youíre clearly an idiot, I have decided that Iím also going to charge you yet another dollar for every cup of coffee you buy so that I can give a few of my friends enough money to buy boats and cars, okay?" Poor and ignorant person that you are, you smile and say, "Of course. To get a cup of THIS natural and healthy coffee, Iím happy to pay a few extra dollars per cup."

This brings him so much pleasure that his frown turns into a wide and welcoming grin as he welcomes you into his corporate family. "Thatís great to hear, "says the owner and now-C.E.O., "because I no longer want to actually sell you the coffee anymore, so Iím going to hire someone to sell it to you for me. Not to worry," he continues, "Iím going to hire poor people who are either desperate or as dumb as you are, and instead of paying them more than me in return for them doing most of the work, thatís right, Iím going to screw them just as I shall screw you hundreds of times every year for quite some years to come, until you die from the toxins you do not realize Iím secretly putting into your coffee every day."

Nodding as you sip your coffee, not knowing that your liver is now in one hundred percent arrest with respect to all digestive functions, your silence encourages him to continue.

"No, poor people should remain poor, so I ONLY need one more dollar for my three-cent cup of coffee in order to pay other people to do the work. Iíve got a three-hundred-thousand dollar car to drive. Screw charity, this is about ME."

Much as I love to share the good endings with people, I can be hopeful while still fearing that you may or may not understand my unyielding personal and professional belief that this horrific slew of crimes will only be corrected, again, in my opinion, the day you stop buying coffee at Starbucks. Until then, I can only hope they sue me so that I can countersue via indisputable evidence of the foregoing and end up owning the company so that we can give eighty percent of all profits to the people who actually bring all those millions inÖ. except weíll do it for eighty cents per cup, not five dollars.

ShapeTalk For YOUR Better Health

Better health in adulthood rarely occurs by accident.
Better health depends less on genetics than good decisions.
Better health means that information which produces better results.
With reference to the Way to Aging Gracefully, better health is the better result.
As with every subject of human interest and effort, those who do it better know better.
The Way to Aging Gracefully compresses the words, actions and attitudes of those who do.
Better information from those enjoying better health, beginning with a reminder to breathe.
You think you have an idea what this means and prove that you don't with each breath.
FACT: The deeper your breathing, the longer you live. This is mathematically pure.
Because it applies universally, it qualifies as a PowerGem, a universal shortcut.
Look beyond the EyeCandy to find PowerGems that produce better results.
A great example would be the ten-thousand-dollar-each healthplans.
A HealthPlan is a customized dietary protocol, highly recommended.
Do not eat food that has been handled by others, beyond true harvesting.
Fried foods are okay, as long as you do not eat them. Just kidding: MONTHLY.
When you turn daily pleasures that are killing you into monthly treats, their value rises.
What you think of as fat is actually non-food stuck inside you, evermore poisonous.
Clean out the junk with three daily glasses of colon cleanse for a few months.
You'll notice better vision, breathing, energy, and another day still alive.
Your skin improves in the first few days, and that's not the best of it.
Your energy level increases dramatically, and quickly, so do it.
Your intestine is six times longer than you are, and stretches.
You have many pounds of poison in you to release, NOW.
Please use this PowerGem to effect huge, fast benefits.
Better health = better decisions that promote health.
PowerGems of the Way to Aging Gracefully... for you.
Doing what you know is smarter than knowing what to do.
The more you breathe, the longer and better you tend to live.
Please don't tell us that you understand. Better to show us, hm?
By the way, this breathing secret also makes your brain much sharper.
So, three of the greatest powers you can ever hope to possess, all free.
Truly, what you know is quite less than what you do with what you know.

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And so the man who invented it all
slammed face first into a Sharp wall.
A fat man, a leech, a liar so deceptive,
he even got you to become too receptive.
Convinced you right quick to throw those stones,
even though you yourself live in glass-built homes.

How dare you, how dare you, steal pieces of our light,
The art, chiaroscuro, from a mouth so bright.
Though I've laughed not a whit,
in years of dessicated wit,
there's a point yet made,
hardly Marquis De Sade,
that the boys coming home
missing huge chunks of bone,
must have a fair reason for fighting,
or to such wounds we are laughing and slighting,
and did anybody notice that none of these nearly naked women were nappy-headed?

Nine hundred of every thousand laughs coming out of your mouth are at someone's expense.
We see that your demonstrations of intelligence rise to your claims or still await their meeting.

Time is rushing by at the fantastic rate of 1,440 precious, opportunity-filled minutes   -   each and every day
This is the day to follow those who do it best:
masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires


The greatest shortcuts of masters millionaires champions and billionaires.
If you are indeed as smart as you believe yourself to be,
even smarter than masters and millionaires and champions,
then embrace your own sense of the Masters and Millionaires Tao.
Run like the wind with YOUR cup of cofee.
Run with more of YOUR resources.
Speak less, and do more.
That's how we'll know.