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You can find many thousands of excellent pages on natural chelation, you can find many thousands of well-researched pages concerning intravenous chelation, and at the end of the day, you can make a more informed, and therefore better decision.

Reach for your own better health. There are so many companies working to enrich themselves at your direct and lethal expense. EDUCATE YOURSELF!

Stop waiting for a medical doctor to tell you what to do. Considering the M.D.'s financial interest, you desperately need to learn the difference between a good doctor and a doctor who is skilled in what is taught as "bedside manner." It is their single biggest moneymaker.

You pride yourself on being a good judge of character. So why have several people been able to disappoint you so terrifically in your life? How is it that you were not correct in your assessments of several people, including whoever you've voted for?

The only way to know if your doctor is a good or great doctor is to count their successess and failures. If you cannot find out how many of doctor's patients have died, you're silly and self-destructive to simply rely on the fact that your doctor is "so sweet," or "so nice." Only numbers tell the true story.

Learn more about intravenous chelation and its side effects, then learn about natural chelation and its safety. Then, count the success rate of intravenous chelation, followed by a counting of how high a success rate is enjoyed by natural chelation.

Of course the Masters Longevity Book is geared automatically to learn or directly turn first to natural approaches. That does not mean there are no medical protocols less than excellent. It means we, as individuals, meaning YOU as an individual, need to learn more in order to live more.

When we fail to pay attention to the brightest among us, we are restricting what and how much we can learn.

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