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What Exactly Is Chelation Therapy?

Natural Chelation Therapy VS Intravenous Chelation

In a nutshell, chelation therapy is about cleaning out the metal toxins that build up in the human body.
These metals are doing damage, seriously interfering with the body's ability to perform natural functions.

Chelative or chelation therapy is designed to remove these from the blood.
As with most things in life, we have three choices:

1) Fix it through dietary and nutritional changes

2) Have the blood cleaned with an intravenous process that's moderately and undeniably invasive

3) Use natural remedies such as EDTA suppositories, somewhat less invasive than the repeated needles.

Despite a great deal of arguing, ultimately, they both work. Given a choice of less invasive versus more invasive, chelation therapy decisions should not require a degree in rocket science. the Masters and Millionaires Tao includes many pages regarding the science behind the decision to recommend natural chelation therapy with the EDTA suppositories. There are numerous companies offering the suppositories. None have proven to be of inferior quality. A couple are referenced within the Masters and Millionaires Tao, yet brand does not seem to matter, at least so far, they're all good.