The Best In You, The Best In You
the Masters and Millionaires Tao is Out To Bring Out The Best In You

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Where Is The Best In You?
We haven't seen the best in you yet. That fact engendered the Masters and Millionaires Tao.
Please shut up and take two really good long deep breaths right now, SLOWLY!!
If you cannot kick the top of your bedroom doorframe in your sixth decade,
be quiet and listen to someone who does, although not as often as before.
Take a good long deep breath. More important than sucking air IN,
of far greater benefit to you is the complete exhalation.
You want to know about PowerGems?
Forget everything else you might learn here.
The more times you empty your lungs completely each day,
the more your brain continues to function with crackling increases.
Yes, you can continue to get brighter and smarter every day of your life,
with this one single most crucial resouirce for your success: reasonably clean oxygen.
It is a promise and a one-conditional guarantee, based exclusively on how many times you use it.
Exhaling completely leaves you out of air, which then leads to a generous deep breath that revives,
after you've just expelled both physical and emotional toxins, more than you have proven to understand.
This is the greatest of all PowerGems, because it's the most guaranteed of all:
The more times you fully FULLY exhale every day, the smarter your brain gets.
There are no exceptions to the rule. This works for the mentally retarded,
this works for those who are brilliantly developed, and most of all,
it absolutely works for you. The brain works better and faster.
Don't be stupid and hyperventilate a hundred times per hour.
Be smart and exhale completely at least once every hour.
Yes, every hour of your life, at least one good breath.
Each and every time you do it, you boost your brain.
Do it for a thousand days and you, too,
can well be shattering world records.
Absolutely, doubly guaranteed.
Breathe, silly.

Let's Find The Best In You

Learn more so you can live more, with help from the .
Grab any one PowerGem, that's it. It will produce results.

PS - Of the few who are smart enough to shut up and breathe in this sixty seconds,
only three of one hundred are predicted to do it far beyond this minute.
You are my surrogate children, you are the reason I live and breathe.
You are the leaders of our imminent tomorrows.
You are the fewOne hour from now, you need to do it again, hm? In 22 days, you'll have a habit.
The single healthiest habit of the tens of thousands of habits we can choose to adopt.
The single healthiest habit that any human will ever take, and, oh, yes, it boosts the brain, too.
Never mind the increases to immune system, reaction times, digestive function, skin quality, and more.
Forget all of those benefits, or eat you are absolutely assured of living better longer when you breathe more.
Focus only on the fact that every time you fully exhale, your brain operates better and faster.

The Masters and Millionaires Tao of Masters and Millionaires, because even you deserve a fan club.

All the birds around airports can be quickly and cheaply dealt with.         Plant tulips.
The mice that feed around the airport do not like tulips.
Why not do what Amsterdam's airport did? They planted tulips, the mice went away,
and so did the birds that feed on the mice, who normally create a slew of challenges.
the Masters and Millionaires Tao, pursuing resolutions, pursuing the best in you.