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Miracle Man... Or Smart Student of Naturopathy?

In a typical 19-hour day with callers and travelers from as far as California and Israel, Las Vegas and London, most either begin or end up speaking to Dr. Cohen personally. When asked why he doesn't just let a secretary screen calls he shrugs his shoulders with a wry smile and quietly says, "Some people are shy. I like to take the calls."

With his frthe Masters and Millionaires Tao network of websites spreading across the world in servers on five continents, all these hundreds of thousands of uniquely attractive web pages appear focused on helping people to help themselves rather than the typical huckster-like approach we’ve all come to recognize. With fun or easy-to-remember internet addresses, the growth in popularity of the “Longevity ” websites has moved into a half million and more visitors per month. From "MisterShortcut.org" and "MisterShortcut.com" to "Shortcuts.name", "HealthingNaturally.net" and "NaturallyHealing.net," to the simpler "Healthiest.work" and "UEB.US," the major search engines show each site to have hundreds of thousands of pageslinking back.

Like all fields of human endeavor, naturopathy has good guys and bad guys. From the way he lives simply while giving largely, David Cohen is earning his way into the rank of top doctors of any discipline, whether allopathic or naturopathic.

Each person who comes for a Bodyscan gets a determined number of "freebie followups" where Dr. Cohen shows a big part of his string of successes in helping people to heal themselves.

Besides the Bodyscan, this interesting blend of homeopathic healer and naturopathic Doctor.USes a dizzying array of technology, trying and discarding boxes of equipment that don't produce sufficiently consistent results to earn his recommendation.

The few that make it into his chosen circle all have a couple of things in common.

Although most of them do work most of the time helping the body to regain its natural healthy balance, none of them works 100 percent of the time, which makes it unfair and strictly improper to make claims or guarantees. The high rate of success justifies its use.

Secondly, none of his machines or devices are invasive or do damage, nor do they contain synthetic chemicals. Taken together, the pattern of success takes on a more mathematical or scientific flavor.

The foundation of his success weighs heavily towards the intense precision of the Bodyscan, and his expertise in relating the huge number of responses from your body into one intelligent picture.

The Bodyscan, a computer-based program, measures the energy level of every organ and tissue in the body, and how that organ or tissue responds to the electrical signature of more than 10,000 different substances. No pain, no drugs, no surgery, no invasions, no undressing, just technology added to the wisdom of wide experience.

For people with chronic pain or just not responding to conventional medicine, or maybe worse, not even successfully diagnosed because so-called specialists insist they see nothing wrong, again and again we see David Cohen using 30 years of study and application and combining it with technology's useful gifts, to help people to help themselves, naturally. How many doctors, allopathic or naturopathic, can claim that people walk out the door happier, healthier, or both, within a single visit or two?

He loves to work with hard cases, especially children. About the only thing that a kid cannot be expected to do is grow a new arm if they needed one. Short of that, children have survived and thrived over virtually every disease and disorder that mankind has been presented with.

Never underestimate the power of your child, which extends to mean do not ever think of underestimating the power of the child within you that has the ability to include appropriate attitudes of belief that you will regain your health as long as you're using the most effective steps available to you.

Death and taxes are the only guaranteed things in this life. Close to that comes the assurance that Dr. Cohen does not wish to see your attractive face more than a few times, so he's going to do everything possible to get you to heal yourself with natural methods and nutrients at the most efficient natural level. {He might have to sit with you for three hours yelling at you to take this or that, but not to worry, he’s not as curmudgeonly as he tries to appear. Like most tyrants, he’s a pussycat underneath. }

 He works for a nonprofit organization and rarely takes a salary check. Don't call him for curiosity sake, the internet has provided plenty of those, thank you. This is about those people who are missing out on living longer and stronger, living happier and healthier, who need the services of someone who believes in trying multiple natural approaches based on what has already worked.

Plant seeds to offer them water. Seeds of instant use, instant benefit..
Planting seeds induces physical well-being in you and your wish.
With so many seeds in each hand, your watering will flower
at wonderful and accelerated speeds with your brain ON.
You must ask one hundred people, and again, true?
What is there in life you don't have to ask for?
Any role model or champion, and high achiever,
without fail we see that they ask 100 times.
If need be, they ask another 100 times.
Prepare responses beforehand. When you know what the questions are likely to be,
you are prepared and smooth. Truth presented proactively has immutable power.
Work with truth to support your positions, it is cheaper and happier.
Every single thing has a price as Newton taught in his 3rd law.
Since you definitely do have to pay a price for everything,
doesn't it make sense to get the best price you can?
Because truth repeated swings huge weight,
its return trip is easily controlled,
by those who repeat again.
Please. You talk too much.
Less talking, more doing,
less of your verbality,
more of your brains,
more of your best.
What you do, pal,
is so, so loud,
we cannot hear
a word you say
I understand

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