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the Masters and Millionaires Tao aims to bring out the best in you.
Think of how many times you've had to put forth a supreme effort at any given time when the pressure was on.
Again and again you've come through in the clutch, and performed with excellence more times than not.
If you think that's just an ego stroke, stop and consider what you've had to do on occasion.
You pulled out all the stops, you wracked your brain for more and better answers,
you asked more people for help than you might normally ask for help,
and whatever number of tries it took, you did end up doing it, hm?
Every human has strikeouts, and we address them, elsewhere.
Here, we're looking at the times you pulled rabbits from hats.
when you did what may well have been unexpected, for you.
Just remember that the state of mind, that "zone,"
that special frame of thinking that has you going,
is mostly a matter of personal choice, isn't it?
It is there at all times, twenty-four-seven,
awaiting no more than your command.
Time to talk less today, and do more.
Find just one person living nearby,
one person who is extremely good,
perhaps even a master/mistress.
Ask to buy them lunch or dinner,
in hope that they'll be your one-time mentor,
for whatever time it takes to enjoy a nice lunch.
You'll be surprised at how many role models and masters,
genuine champions and leaders, will happily accept your offer,
ESPECIALLY when you start your first conversation or letter with,
well, something that acknowledges how thoroughly you admire their mastery.
For example, "Since you're one of the best in the world, I'd like to learn, please.
If you'll allow me to buy you lunch or dinner we will both likely come away with a profit.
Would next Tuesday afternoon be good, or would dinnertime perhaps be more convenient for you?"
Even if a few here and there turn you down, which is unlikely, many masters will happily say "Yes."

the Masters and Millionaires Tao is sharp, the Masters and Millionaires Tao is strong.
Just like the greatest biggest, fattest hammer in the world,
it is quite useless until we take it off the shelf,
and get busy swinging it, repeatedly.
Far beyond knowing it, getting it,
USE the Masters and Millionaires Tao.

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Use your Masters and Millionaires Tao
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Newton's Third Law will not let you down, or fail to perform its function.

However corny it sounds, selfish greed should suffice to get you to reach out more.

There is no doubt or maybe's about it - everything you send out silently doubles back.
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The best way to justify faith is to justify it.

What you do speaks so loudly and completely
that we need not flap your lips at us.
Begin by asking better questions,
which produce better answers.
Engage in bigger actions
by acting this minute.