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All of it for you. It's obvious that I didn't do it to get paid: it took over a thousand and five hundred days of working more than a thousand minutes per day (and my minutes are assuredly not the same as your, friend; I treasure mine enough to work at 100 percent for as many minutes per hour as I can; otherwise I go lay in the sun and swim, and productivity is even more fun to some of us than a surfeit of relaxation time).

It's obvious that I didn't do it to get famous: these sites are created anonymously. Do YOU know who MrShortcut is, or was?
These sites are not about MrShortcut... they're about YOU.

The most interesting bit of information, or braggodocio, if you will, is saved for last,
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All of these million-plus unique web pages have been designed, created, edited, united, uploaded, and promoted,
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to the tune of 24,000 people, that's twenty-four thousand individual breathing people,
who die every single day from malnutrition or starvation, as much from the greed of others as their own stupidity (in continuing to have children while unable to feed them).

That's disgusting.
Worse, it's criminal, when you consider that no less than seventy percent of all the cash on earth is owned or controlled by less than 500 human beings.
Make a difference today, please.       Feed someone who's hungrier than you.     Maybe you'll even become an actual saint to future generations, by going so far as to put one hundred dollars into the bank or a savings bond,
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It is impossible for the Universe to ignore action. See Newton's Third Law of Physics if you're unsure.

Sorry to say, there will always be greedy people. Make a difference today. I built you a one million pages of excellence,
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I did it because I believe you're better than others, and have the seeds of greatness in you.
I have bet my fortune and my very life and freedom that you will be smart enough to see that the attitudes, the words, and the actions of
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As always, there is one condition.

These greatest shortcuts to success, these PowerGems of our masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires,
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All one thousand and more of the Masters and Millionaires sites, such as
the Masters and Millionaires Tao, packed with great shortcuts for succeeding faster,
and the Way to Aging Gracefully, aiming to help you to heal yourself, naturally,
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