the Masters Millionaires Tao Welcomes You Into Your Best Winning Streak

Ultimately, it all comes down to the jaw.
Physically, with regard to your health, and circumstantially, with regard to your station in life.
In more than ninety-nine percent of all cases, which means you're included in the ninety-nine,
the cause of failure or impending disaster is inevitably caused by excessive use of the jaw.
Think about it. Whichever one applies to you, you have an instant fix right in front of you.
After all, the Masters Millionaires Tao is designed to promote instant results

If you're overweight, it's certainly not because you have a glandular or hormonal balance.
It's possible that you have those symptoms; at least seventeen patients in a thousand do.
Those seventeen, however, cannot blame their weight status on such imbalances,
because they themselves consciously and quite intentionally cause the imbalances.
Without exception, friend, what you eat determines how your body ends up.
Stop changing the subject and stick with just one simple fact:
Replacing just one tenth of my bad diet for good is healthy.
That's it. Please, please, don't go further to a new subject,
everyone claims to know better, so why are they not doing better?

Six hundred thousand dying every year directly from heart attacks?
One hundred and ten thousand dying directly from the drugs they're given?
One hundred thousand deaths just from doctor and hospital error and negligence?
What mass drug is being applied to the American populace to nod their heads and shrug?
That elected officials are not being strung and hung in public squares for selling it all?
Have we really reached such a pitiful state, sending money to diseased, violent oil shieks,
in those countries where your daughter's clitoris is cut off with a nonsurgical blade for religion,
so sorry that you don't like to talk or think about TWO MILLION girls per year bleeding and suffering,
because after all, "It's my car and I wanna drive to the store to pick up some milk and smokes and bread,
and the truth is, that convenience is well worth a few thousand stumpy arms and legs on kids I'll never meet."

Every time I see someone driving an unnecessary gas guzzler I pray that my sins be forgiven,
cleansed from my tablet as soon as that driver's child is blown to smithereens on a battlefield,
where the highest-tech surgeons and facilities get to keep him alive, albeit with fewer parts attached.
Every gallon of gas contains one dollar to directly fund the activities of terrorists around the world.

You deny it, you decry it as you look me straight in the eye and defile it with another wasteful trip.
Of course this is excellent for business, because we are, after all, in the business of war.
All those people actually believed that the war cost over three hundred billion dollars.
Up to forty-four cents of every dollar all ended up in just six pairs of pants pockets,
including one owned by the second most powerful fella on this here mortal coil of earth.
Can you imagine owning your own little company, where you get to keep one hundred billions?

How do we preach, who can we teach, why should we reach, when so few are actually listening?
All the noise and the vomitable book-sales self-promotion and "Yeah, we ain't going for it,"
all to promote the careers of just a handful of highly-paid people who do "Best Of...." shows,
in their first one hundred days of being in business, at the height of a hot election campaign.

and no one's listening because they actually pretend

All of your pretensions and your self-promoting mentions,
like Queen Marie shall come to roost, the day you finally serve some use,
among the first to feel the boot, the release of all this tension. Day by day the morn approaches, a day like any other,
All is fair and love and war, look at my wounded brother.
The sun will rise as it has before, and shall long after you,
we're heading towards a dawn ablaze, red, white, and blue.

The nation state has taken toll, taxing black man's right to poll,
They took it once, they took it twice, don't yourself you can pull it thrice. This is of the day and the time they heeded,
sensible minds just up and seceded.

With no more thousand dollar fines for having the nerve to install a dish,
an absence of armed extortionists pulling cash for traffic tickets.
The end of the tyranny, as with King George of yore,
the people have chosen to stand it no more.
Crafty and swift with nary a shot, they pulled it all down by buying not. The corps that advertise with billions of yours,
fell down when no cared for the bitterest of Coors.
MacD and his cousins, killing in millions, suddenly losing those precious billions.

More and more people, riding and cycling, walking down to the store,
reducing drug dependance on snake-oil cures, Viag-this and cere-that,
as useless as crap piled up in your hat; the people have chosen to take it no more.

No one in Congress can hear your cries, no in the Senate can feel your pain.
Their benefits and perqs are worth more than your life, as you see by the numbers in war,
Not a one has lost a son or buried a daughter, to cherish and hug them no more.

Not a one votes for you or your interests tomorrow, not a one could care less, for sure.
Numbers don't like, only people who share them, numbers tell us the score,
one hundred and fifty thousand civilians, who will hurt you nevermore.
They don't know why they died, and neither do you, but bet your bottom dollar it's YOUR wallet that's screwed.

A thousand dead here, a thousand there, soliders are cheap in the hinterland. Not sons of privilege, not daughters of class,
the rich class of politicians feel your kiss on their ass.
Until the day comes when you keep your dollar,
only deaf ears will hear your pitiful holler.
Don't cry to me, this is not Argentina, you're all being played like a cheap concertina.
Until you hold back psending those bucks, you will never exceed status as sitting ducks.
It's dollars and pesos and pennies and cents, that determine your present and future tense.
Not bombs and bullets, but ballots and bucks, and with ballots devalued, you're pushing your luck.
Each time you stay, each day you delay, every chance you slip by with a buy,
you guarantee a poorer future and worse, we shall hear, the cries of your hungry child.
The rich are getting richer, the poor can't get poorer, the middle class on its way.
They graying of America has taken hold, so it's the young who can save the day.

Stand up and be counted, stand up as a man, defend your heart and your home,
Stand up and be counted, for we'll have no more, or sit there at home and pen poems. It is the young, at heart, in mind, body, and soul, it is they who will lead the way.
your nation is stalling, your children are calling,
for freedom to choose, without stonewalling.
Freedom's beat will march again, the mourning of a passing age,

Having never identified with either major or minor political parties, finding all of them far too narrow, and universally bent upon their own promotion, not frequently misread as self-aggrandizement, how do you make a difference in the political fortunes of a nation?

Being an optimist is sometimes very challenging. Do you realize that your Congressman, YOUR Senators, both state and federal, are as dirty and less deserving of office as a crack dealer hooking young teenagers? Yes, yes, YOUR elected official is an exception, right? Well, just look at the data just seconds away from being found from any online computer in the world, and you'll see how much money your own Senator or Representative has taken. Although it's true that approximately three to five of every one hundred elected officials are good human beings, the truth is that your particular Senator or Representative is not one of them. When we see how they trade away your money so many times in such defiance of the framer's intent, it's instantly understood that money carries too much influence.

For centuries in Great Britain, class went considerably beyond money, even as land ownership remained the basis. The idea inherent is that those who own a piece of land are there to stay and build and prosper as a community, and can therefore be entrusted with decisions that affect the whole. Often, those who exceeded what was appropriate were put down or otherwise chastened, to the mutual good. Opening entire lines of argument about the greed and abuse of royalty is justified, and remains reserved for other forums in order to keep it focused on elected representatives.

In all of my decades of observance, not one of you in ten thousand could have convinced me that the U.S. Congress would actually make it a law wherein the government buyers of millions and millions of pills are not allowed to bargain with the drug companies. Not one of you in a hundred thousand could have convinced me such a day would come. Tens of millions of elderly people and younger sick people are profoundly affected by poor decisions such as this, and it is only the younger generations who stand a chance of correcting imbalances. It's not always swift, or even accurate, and it's still the birth of success. Action by those who think flexibly, still growing, which is the definition of youth.

Death Process Begins When Growth Process Stops
Youth ends at the moment flexibility ceases to expand. Flexibility is mental breathing. When you stop breathing, the death process begins. How I mourn for all the people I've met in nursing homes, sitting, listening to their arteries harden, waiting the requisite twenty six point four months to die. People who retire rarely live more than five to seven good years after retirement. The only ones who stay in shape are the ones who get up and get busy everyday, because JFK had it right on the money in connecting healthy bodies and healthy minds. It's perfectly comparable to fat people and holy people. That's right: there are fat people and there are holy people. There are no fat, holy people. Sorry, there are no glandular or hormonal imbalances. Those are political ways of telling you that you suffer from hyperactive jaw disorder, in that you're moving your jaws up and down too much.

Develop more of who you are with the Masters Millionaires Tao.
Designed because you deserve to excel using great shortcuts
You can even say that this is produced to promote,
not a product, rather, YOUR progress into success. and brought to you by the CEO of your fan club.
the Masters Millionaires Tao and The Godfather of EyeCandy, for You

A moment alone, if you will, with just you and the Masters Longevity Book.

Everything you do has a total effect. Even the simple fact of eating a candy bar.
Without telling you what you should eat or not eat, what you should do or not do,
keep yourself aware of the small things that you do, for their total is enormous.
Being more aware of the totals makes it easier to work backwards to today.
Lighting ten smokes per day may not be a big deal for a day or two, right?
Do it every day for twenty years and you're talking seventy thousand.
That does not mean you should not smoke, if it brings you pleasure.
It simply means that many of the things we do appear invisible,
although there is no doubt that they impact our lives greatly.
These impacts are rarely if ever felt on a short-term basis.
Convert some of your pleasures into occasionalities,
the once-in-a-while treat you embrace as a reward.
This way, what you did to earn a reward pays,
and you get to enjoy that occasional treat,
without denigrating your life account.
The Masters Longevity Book,
for living stronger… longer.

This only works when what you did to earn a reward carries an identifiable future benefit.
You live the Masters Millionaires Tao, you are the only one who decides what the benefit is.
The Masters Longevity Book is about self-inception, not self-deception.
Stop lying to yourself about what constitutes a reward. This is life!
Everything carries a price, so it pays to invest rather than spend.
Your health and your minutes cannot replaced by dollars.
Dollars, however, can be replaced with simple energy.
Therefore, treat your health better than your money.

This is your time, this is your place,
Shh. Use the best shortcuts of Masters and millionaires,
the best shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and provably YOUR best Shortcuts to succeeding.
Enjoy. the Masters Millionaires Tao is free for your life.

Regrettably, only IE and compatible browsers can see most of the EyeCandy.
Have no fear. A) There are hundreds of thousands of EyeCandy bits.
B) PowerGems are what you need to find here.
When we see the immense resources available to us all,
it is egregiously offensive to see such profound waste.
Your life is rich with opportunities, in so many areas.
The Masters Millionaires Tao urges you to awaken.
The sight of you is no less than repulsive, disgusting.
Take control of what you have the power to take control of.
Thousands of excuses for failure, and there is only one reason.
That reason does not change from circumstance to circumstance.
Excellence is always the result of the desire to be excellent, true enough?
If we do not see excellence in your life, it is because of just one basic reality:
Your lack of excellence is directly related to lack of excellence in your efforts.
If you are not hungry, on fire, even, to help you to help yourself develop mastery,
what in heaven makes you think that any other human should care about you, either?

You have millions of unique pages from the Masters Millionaires Tao, and related sites.
Millions of Masters Longevity Book self-health web pages to help you help yourself.
The time, in this day, hour, and moment, is nigh for you to accept responsibility.
Until now, you have only pretended at willingness to accept responsibility.
You are the captain of the ship, the producer of the movie, ad infinitum.
It all means that you are the one in control of destinations on the way.
It is true that you have but little control in re your final destination.
Not so the many subsidiary destinations along your life course.
You decide the destinations, or whether to have destinations.
In that case, Life, and those who have their goals in writing,
these will determine most of the course of your lifetime...
and, of course, definitively control your destination.
When you stop pretending that you know better,
your brain opens up to those one-percent-ers,
improvements of just one percent each.
The Masters Millionaires Tao, now,
pursuing YOUR destinations.

Millions of opportunities to find your PowerGems.
Remember that the Masters Millionaires Tao is in you.
A hammer on the shelf cannot bang any nails into any wall.
Fruits of the Masters Millionaires Tao comes from sustained use.
Continue asking more people, more times each, to get what you need.