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Do you know that there are a number of natural food supplements that boost the brain?

Remember that the ingredients are more important than the companies selling those ingredients. Although thrilled with the products of a couple of companies, products going into the human body become a very delicate category. How can we make a recommendation when great companies usually get bought up? Once a company is purchased from its founder, the initial reason for starting that company ceases for those companies that were founded for reasons beyond mere profit.
Once the company changes hands, the change into profit and nothing but profit for the owners is inevitable.
To this day, it is nigh-impossible if not actually impossible to name a single great invention of the past century that has not deteriorated in quality with the passing on of founding ownership. Whether it's Famous amos Cookies, which went from being, arguably, the greatest commercial cookie ever sold to the equally proprosable disposition of being the worst commercial cookie ever produced, which to this day contains chemicals that are hugely injurious to the human body and mind. Wally Amos, the brilliant and too-charitable creator of Famous Amos cookies, was apparently more distressed at what they'd done to his cookie than the fact that the forty million dollars paid to him was mostly stolen by so-called friends and associates. He went on to give even more to the culture by helping to directly teach hundreds of thousands of illiterates how to read and write. Why aren't you parents encouraging your children more, with the love and affection and guidance that empowered Wally Amos to help change the world? Thusly, we shy from telling you which companies to buy great supplements from, so we'll have to settle for relying on repeated reminders that you should NOT be taking vitamins, which are artificial and of such infinitesimal value to your body. Natural supplements, on the other hand, provide us with far more nutrients, more natural energy is being transferred from the supplement to you. Think of it as ultimate food, because that is the only purpose of food. Once we understand this one simple, and no-less life-changing fact, we instantaneously equip ourselves to better deal with the pleasure issues of what we're eating and how much of it.

Without any shadow of a doubt, when you invest a dollar or two per day into the finest natural food supplements, you find that their effect on you is many times greater than anything we've ever gotten from any artificial vitamins.

Yes, that includes Vitamin C. Vitamin C from a fruit or a food supplement is easily measured as getting absorbed and used by your body by a factor of more than one hundred times what your body actually receives in the way of identifiable benefit from artificial vitamins. Wise up. This is all about advertising and marketing, and you've been the sucker thus far. Today, you get to wake up and recognize that natural food is the single greatest way to complement your diet to improve everything from digestion and elimination to kidney and brain function, and a host of benefits in between.

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